11 Best Spray to Stop Dog Chewing – Tested and Reviewed

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By TDZ Team

Just like urine marking, chewing is also a common behavior in dogs, but it’s treatable with a no-chew spray. Dogs are highly sensitive to the odors, and these sprays with foul taste can help you to curb your canine’s chewing habit.

best spray to stop dog chewing

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But the question is, how to choose the best spray to stop dog chewing because there is only one way to find out – just test it out. That’s we have done it already for you, we have gone through 17 different products to find out their effectiveness, and came up with the top-rated anti-chewing sprays for dogs. Let’s get started!

Best Anti Chew Spray for Dogs in 2022

Dogs are dogs; they don’t know what is appropriate or inappropriate. If they want to chew, they don’t care if it’s your TV remote or expensive shoes. Therefore, as an owner, you have to teach them and change this behavior. However, chewing isn’t a bad habit because it is a natural process to clean the dog’s teeth, but when they start chewing your home stuff such as chair, sofa, or shoes, it’s undoubtedly a problem. If you have an extreme chewer, there are two solutions to control this behavior; provide him something to chew such as bones and toys, it makes him busy, or use an anti-chew spray as a deterrent.

What is an anti-chew spray, and how it works?

Anti-chew spray, also called dog deterrent spray, no-bite spray, or bitter apple spray; it contains foul-tasting liquids that discourage dogs from biting, chewing, or licking when we apply it on any object.

However, the formula of all brands differs, but usually, a bitter ingredient is the soul of those products.

It’s important to note, dog chewing spray and repellent sprays are different things. Repellent sprays are generally used for keeping dogs away or training them.

Why dogs chew and how to stop them?


Dogs are highly sensitive; they can trigger by any small movement or sound, but on the other hand, they can be bored quickly too. Chewing is one of the most common ways to beat this boredom; it doesn’t matter how expensive or cheapest thing is a bored dog will chew it with devotion.

Solution: You can provide some chewing toys/bones to your pooch, or use an anti-chew spray. If he is alone at home, you can play some dog-friendly music; it will also help to kill their boredom.

A new puppy

However, puppies don’t need any reason to chew anything, but this habit peaks at their teeth development time. They learn by biting and chewing, everything they stumble upon is a fun game, whether it’s a pillow, furniture legs, or shoes.

Solution: First of all, you have to train your puppy that chewing everything isn’t a good habit, and you can introduce different types of chew toys or bones. Additionally, you can use no-chew sprays on immovable objects to deject him.

Separation anxiety

If you leave your dog alone at home often, then he might be anxious and tends to chew anything that he gets.

Solution: Before you leave your dog at home alone, you have to train him. You can also play some soothing music to relives his anxiety. We have written a dedicated post on best dog music; you can check this out.

General FAQs

Does vinegar stop dogs from chewing?

Yes, vinegar is slightly helpful to stop dogs from chewing; it’s moderately effective. You can make it easily at home with the following method:
• Two parts apple cider vinegar
• One part white vinegar
• Mix them in a spray bottle
• Always shake it before use.

Does lemon juice stop dogs from chewing?

Yes, lemon is a member of the citrus genus; it’s helpful to repel dogs. You can use a cloth to wipe the lemon juice on any object that you want to safe from dogs. You can use a spray bottle as well, but don’t dilute the formula as it will make it less effective.

Should I muzzle my dog to stop chewing?

You can use a muzzle for training purposes, and to find out why your dog chews, it could be helpful. In most cases, there is always a reason behind chewing; a muzzle will only restrict your dog from chewing can’t change the desire.

Do dogs grow out of chewing?

Yes, they do. Most puppies chew in their teething, and this habit will go away with time.

Why do dogs destroy things when left alone?

The answer is separation anxiety; you have to train your dog to be alone.


Best anti chew sprays for dogs at a glance



  • Size: 8 fl oz
  • Staining: No
  • Scent: Tea Tree
  • Success Rate: 90%



  • Size: 8 fl oz
  • Staining: No
  • Scent: Tea Tree
  • Success Rate: 85%


  • Size: 8 fl oz
  • Staining: No
  • Scent: Lemon/Tea Tree
  • Success Rate: 80%



  • Size: 4, 8, and 16 fl oz
  • Staining: No
  • Scent: Mild CItrus
  • Success Rate: 80%


  • Size: 8 fl oz
  • Staining: No
  • Scent: Bitter Scent
  • Success Rate: 75%



  • Size: 8, and1 6 fl oz
  • Staining: Yes
  • Scent: Rubbing Alcohol
  • Success Rate:  70%



  • Size: 32 fl oz
  • Staining: No
  • Scent: Cherry
  • Success Rate: 70%


  • Size: 8 fl oz
  • Staining: No
  • Scent: Cherry
  • Success Rate: 70%


  • Size: 4, 8. and 17 fl oz
  • Staining: No
  • Scent: Alcohol
  • Success Rate: 65%


  • Size: 8, and 16 fl oz
  • Staining: No
  • Scent: Tea Tree
  • Success Rate: 60%


  • Size: 8, and 16 fl oz
  • Staining: No
  • Scent: Tea Tree
  • Success Rate: 45%

Best Spray to Stop Dog Chewing – Reviews

Before driving into the product review, I want to tell you as every dog is different; therefore, there is no 100% guarantee that a product will surely work. But it doesn’t mean any product won’t work; you have to try another product with different ingredients. It is essential to mention here because people try different products, but they have the same ingredients, which doesn’t give the result.

1. Rocco & Roxie (Best Spray to Stop Dog Chewing in 2022)

Size: 8 fl oz | Staining: No | Scent: Tea Tree

Applauded by many destructive dog owners, Rocco & Roxie has also met our expectation. It is probably the best starting point for you if you’re looking for the best spray to stop your dog from chewing.

The best thing this product is alcohol-free; therefore, it’s not harmful at all for dogs; you can even directly spray on your pooch. Moreover, it comes with the copaiba oil, which soothes your dog’s skin and alleviates the aggressive behavior.

Unlike the other no-chew formulas, Rocco & Roxie dog repellent spray has a pleasant smell, and it still tastes extremely bitter to dogs. Overall, according to our testing, it is the best no chew spray for dogs in 2022, which shows satisfying results on most dogs and last much longer.


2. Fur Goodness Sake (Another Great No Chew Spray for Dogs)

Size: 8 fl oz | Staining: No | Scent: Tea Tree

Filled with the ruthless bitter apple taste and Infused with the tee tree oil, Fur Goodness Sake is offering a powerful no-chew spray for dogs, which is giving quite impressive results. The tree oil makes this formula make this great for your pet’s skin.

It may look like the new product, but it’s new packing, and it was previously sold under the OmegaPet brand. Not only as per our testing, but also lots of pet owners are showing their positive reviews for this product.

Along with a pet deterrent, this product is perfect for the dog’s skin and can help to reduce skin irritation, discomfort. If the first product doesn’t work for you, it’s worth trying as it comes with a different formula that can disgust your dog.

3. Emmy's Best (Best No-Chew Spray with Training Program)

Size: 8 fl oz | Staining: No | Scent: Lemon/Tea Tree

Emmy’s Best anti-chew spray comes with a 14 days training program that can help you to change your dog’s behavior. The unique thing about this product is, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee; therefore, if the product doesn’t work, you can send it back for a full refund.

You can use Emmy’s Best anti-chew spray for puppy and dogs as it comes with an alcohol-free formula. As per our testing, this product is also quite useful and helps you to curb your dog’s annoying behavior.

4. Fooey (Best Odorless No Chew Spray for Dogs in 2022)

Size: 4, 8, and 16 fl oz | Staining: No | Scent: Mild Citrus

Fooey spray is one of the most versatile sprays which can be used for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, or ferrets to stop chewing. The formula comes with a natural bitter principle and neutral pH value, which is very safe for your pets. Even you can directly spray on your pet’s skin.

However, the spray is odorless itself, but for dogs, it is the nastiest thing ever they can taste and keep them away from your stuff. Along with the pets, this spray is safe for home stuff as well; it doesn’t discolor or leave stains.


This product is available with 4, 8, and 16 Oz volume, and compared to other brand comes at a very reasonable price. Emmy’s Best and Fooey both products are almost the same in the performance, but this one is much safer.


5. Pets Are Kids Too (Fantastic Anti-Chew Spray with Poor Bottle Design)

Size:  8 fl oz | Staining: No | Scent: Bitter Scent

Pets Are Kids Too, it undoubtedly an outstanding anti-chew spray, which has shown excellent results on our dogs.  The problem with this product is its bottle design; it sometimes leaks when not appropriately pressed; moreover, the bottle grip isn’t right.

While we talk about the results, it’s a beautiful formula that is safe for and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Altogether, considering its effectiveness and usefulness, it’s worth a try if you want to curb your pooch’s chewing habit.

6. Grannick's (Cheap and Effective No Chew Spray for Dogs)

Size: 8, and 16 fl oz | Staining: Yes | Scent: Rubbing Alcohol

The next no chew spray that we found useful is Grannicks Bitter Apple. This product works on 8 out of 10 dogs as per our experiments; therefore, it could be an ideal option for trying.

The only annoying thing about this product is, it contains rubbing alcohol, which could be harmful to dogs. Moreover, you’ll notice some stains on your clothes or fabrics as this product can leave some side effects.

If you’re going to use a no-chew spray for cloths such as couches, curtains, or pillows, we don’t recommend it. On the other hand, on the hard surface, it works best as it’s doesn’t leave any residue.

In terms of effectiveness, this product is considered one of the best options to relieve you from your dog’s chewing behavior. Interestingly, it’s being used by many dog owners for a long time. Grannick’s Bitter Apple is available in 8, 16, and 32 fl Oz volumes, and you can choose as per your convenience.

7. OUT! (Best Spray to Stop Dog Chewing in Budget)

Size: 32 fl oz | Staining: No | Scent: Cherry

OUT! is one of the best anti-chew deterrents for dogs that comes at a reasonable price too. Its 32 fl oz spray will approximately cost you as little as other brand’s 8fl oz bottle. Despite having a lower price, this product is advantageous as per your testing.

The exciting thing about this product is it comes with a pleasant smell and a bitter taste, which works very well. But, on the other side, its smell looks attractive to some dogs, and they might be eager to find the source of the scent. Even some dogs happily lick the spray without any problem.

However, it is the dog deterrent spray that comes with the most captivating fragrance, but if your dog doesn’t find it disgusting, it might be a good attractor as well, unfortunately.


8. Vet's Best (Another Bitter Cherry Spray to Stop Dog's Chewing)

Size: 8 fl oz | Staining: No | Scent: Cherry

You have read about the OUT! spray, that’s enough as this product also works on the same formula. It’s just another bottle with less quantity; Vet’s Best and Out! both are owned by the same brands.

Needless to say, Vet’s Best dog deterrent spray has the same performance as the OUT! and it’s just cost more.

Then why pay more and get less, it’s better to opt for the OUT! instead.

9. Bodhi Dog (Best Natural Dog Deterrent with 100% Money Back Guarantee)

Size: 4, 8, and 17 fl oz | Staining: No | Scent: Alcohol

Bodhi no-chew spray is inspired by nature and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. This formula is based on the natural bitterness and lemon extracts, which is safe for pets.

However, the company is boasting the 100% money-back guarantee for their product, but as per our testing, it’s just moderately effective. The product is 100% non-toxic and safe for all types of objects, which is good, but some dogs don’t find it hateful at all.

Altogether, if you love natural products, then it’s worth a try. Make sure you haven’t tested the other products with the same lemon formula.

10. Natural Rapport (Outstanding No Chew Spray with a Flaw)

Size: 8, and 16 fl oz | Staining: No | Scent: Tea Tree

Natural Rapport is genuinely an exceptional spray that works great, but it doesn’t last long; it is the only reason that we listed it at the bottom. However, this anti-chew spray comes with a safe formula that doesn’t hurt your pets or the surface that you apply on.

The result is instant, and it will repel your dog from chewing, but for no so long.


11. Nature's Miracle (Another Considerable No Chew Spray for Dogs)

Size 8, and 16 fl oz | Staining: No | Scent: Tea Tree

However, we have a huge expectation from this product, but it didn’t perform so well. Nature’s Miracle anti-chew spray comes with Tea Tree oil scent, and it’s alcohol-free.

I have said you can consider this product because it worked on some dogs, but it has the lowest success rate. Even some other products haven’t performed that bad despite having the same ingredients.

Best Anti Chew Sprays for Dogs in 2022

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