6 Best Boots for Small Dogs in 2022 – Protect Your Fido

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For pet parents who are continually taking their dogs on walks, you might have run into some scorching or freezing ground that is harmful to your dog’s paws. Small dogs are even more sensitive, so getting quality boots can help keep their tiny feet secure.

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best boots for small dogs

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Investing in long-lasting dog boots can go a long way in protecting your puppy’s paws from the effects of harsh weather. These dog boots should be able to last even if your dog has long toenails or he is walking on rough pavement.

Dog boots are versatile, and you can buy them for your dog to prevent licking or irritations from hot spots. Slip in boots can be very useful if your puppy just underwent surgery and needs to avoid licking that area. This article lists some of the best dog boots to buy if you have a small dog.

What to Consider When Choosing Best Boots for Small Dogs

When buying dog boots, you should ensure that your dog loves them and feels comfortable every time they wear them. Consider your dog’s preference and needs before purchasing dog boots. They should protect your dog’s paws and be durable enough to withstand different weather conditions. Here are other factors to consider before you make a buying decision.

✔ Size

Dog boots are available in different sizes for you to choose the best ones for your dog. Getting the right size is one of the most important considerations to make. If the shoes are too small, your dog’s paws will feel cramped and soon start to hurt them. If the boots are too large, they will easily slip off no matter how tight the strap closures are on the dog’s paws.

First, to find the best size for your small dog, place their paws flat on the floor and use tape to measure their paw size. The best-fitting dog boots for your pup should leave a little room and not be too tight. Boots that are too big will easily slip off, or your puppy will yank it off because of how awkward it feels. With the right boot size, your dog’s paws will be protected and comfortable.

✔ Adjustability

It would help if you got adjustable boots for your puppy to keep their paws comfortable. Even if you get the best fit for your dog’s paws, having adjustable straps can help with a perfect fit. Most dog boots have adjustable straps so that you can quickly put on and take off the dog’s shoes rapidly.

The adjustability also makes it easier to secure the shoes on your dog’s paws and prevent them from slipping off. One of the best ways of adjusting boots is to use velcro straps. Your dog will be running and walking without risking the shoes from falling off.

✔ Durability

Your dog will probably be wearing the boots when you take them walking outside. These boots protect the dog’s little paws from hot pavements and freezing surfaces. For the rainy season, you can choose waterproof and light shoes that will last longer.

You will need to get warmer booties when winter comes around. The boots need to be strong because the chemicals used to clear the snow can be harmful to your pup’s little paws. The shoes also prevent the dog from licking their paws and accidentally ingest disinfectants or salt.

✔ Material

There are different materials available for making small dog boots. Choosing the shoes’ fabric is essential to prevent your puppy from slipping and keeping them comfortable the whole time. Element-resistant material is the best as it offers protection to your dog’s sensitive pads while being stylish too. The sole of the boots should be textured to provide more grip and traction when walking. Choose boots made of waterproof materials to use during the rainy season and winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs need boots?

Yes. If your dog likes playing outdoors and taking walks regularly, you should get them quality dog boots to keep their paws safe. Getting dog boots is an excellent idea for dogs who are more sensitive to heat, sharp particles on the ground, and extreme cold. The shoes prevent injuries, and your dog will hardly notice the boots.

Do dogs need boots on hot pavements?

Yes, they do. You can protect your dog’s paws and paw pads when walking on pavements while hot using dog boots. Dog boots are a simple yet effective way to keep your dog’s paws warm and secure.

Can dogs wear boots all the time?

No. Unless it is a particular case, you shouldn’t put your dog’s paws in boots all the time. Some dogs may not also like wearing boots because it can affect their balance while walking. You can decide how long your pup should wear the shoes according to specific needs and comfortability.

Why do dogs walk so weirdly with shoes?

Dogs walk funny when they are wearing shoes because it is not natural for them. Boots restrict a dog’s natural balance, and they can’t grip the ground the same way when they are walking barefoot. It might not be easy at first, but your dog will get used to it.

Should dogs wear boots in the snow?

Yes. Dog boots are great for protecting your dog’s paws and paw pads when walking in the snow. Snow is cold, and it can quickly build up between your dog’s paw pads, which will lead to sores and cuts. Dog boots will also prevent your dog from slipping when walking in the snow.


Best boots for small dogs at a glance



  • Features: Waterproof, reflective straps, stylish design, and rugged & anti-slip sole
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  • Features: Waterproof, reflective straps, breathable material, and rugged & anti-slip sole
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  • Features: Durable sole, for all weather, and waterproof
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  • Features: Waterproof, rugged & non-slip sole, and breathable
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  • Features: Waterproof, reflective, and anti-slip design
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  • Features: Waterproof, and made of rubber
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Best Boots for Small Dogs in 2022 – Reviews

1. QUMY (Best Waterproof Shoes for Small Dogs in 2022)

Features: Waterproof, reflective straps, stylish design, and rugged & anti-slip sole

The Quay dog boots are secure and adjustable to protect your little dog’s paws. With the right size, you will not have any trouble placing them on your dog’s paws and taking them off. With the wide split seam opening, you can expand them as your dog’s feet grow. It also features reflective straps to keep your dog safe at night and ensure an excellent, comfortable fit.

The rugged sole is tough to provide stability and traction no matter where you are walking your dog. The Quay dog boots will offer protection from sharp thorns and hot pavements. These boots are of high-quality fabrics to be fit for any outdoor adventure. They are also fashionable with cute embroidery on the outside to keep your dog stylish and looking cute. You can clean them quickly with your hands and hang them out to dry.

View at Amazon


  • Fashionable boots
  • Rugged sole for better traction
  • Adjustable straps
  • Waterproof
  • Reflective for night visibility
  • Secure for pet paws


  • Slippery on some pavements

2. XSY&G (Best Anti-Skid Shoes for Small Dogs)

Features: Waterproof, reflective straps, breathable material, and rugged & anti-slip sole

These dog boots are excellent for walking your dog when hiking, snow, or hot and cold seasons. It has reflective velcro straps to be visible when walking your dog at night. The cute pattern is fashionable to style your dog when going outdoors. With breathable quality material, your dog’s paws will be comfortable all the time.

The anti-slip and skid-proof soles are essential to provide stability and help your dog’s mobility on the sand and icy surfaces. These boots will protect your dog’s paws from stones, glass, heat, and snow with durable soles. These soft and hand washable booties are easy to clean and safe for puppies to wear. If you tighten the straps, it will prevent them from falling off the dog’s paws.

View at Amazon


  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Long and adjustable straps
  • Reflective for night visibility
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • It can be too hard for some dogs

3. Petbobi (Versatile Boots for Small Dogs in 2022)

Features: Durable sole, for all weather, and waterproof

The Petbobi boots are easy to wear and comfortable for small and medium dogs. The waterproof material not only keeps your dog’s paws dry but also warm, especially during winter. The soles are durable with rigid anti-slip properties to prevent any slipping. These soles also provide stability and traction while walking. They are perfect for protecting against salt on pavements and sharp thorns if walking in the garden.

These boots are convenient and safe to put on and take off quickly. For pets with injuries, these boots are ideal because they can’t tear them up. The shoes are sown together with high-quality fabric to offer the ultimate protection for a perfect outdoor experience. If you follow the size chart, you will get the best size for your small dog. These are the best for hiking, adventures, and even swimming. It will also help keep your home clean.

View at Amazon


  • Versatile dog boots
  • Anti-slip
  • Light and soft
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Comfortable


  • Require different sizes for front and back paws

4. CovertSafe (Another Non-slip Dog Boots)

Features: Waterproof, rugged & non-slip sole, and breathable

This four-pack dog boot set is fashionable for your small puppy’s paws. They are soft and hand washable to be easy to clean and comfortable for your dog. The boots have a rugged sole with high-quality fabric that can withstand wear and tear during different seasons. You can quickly put on and take off these boots from your dog’s paws because of the secure and adjustable straps.

It also has reflective lights for better visibility when walking your dog at night. With anti-slip soles, you will reduce any chance of slipping when walking on snow while protecting your dog from sharp thorns and hot pavements. These boots offer all the stability and traction your small dog will need.

View at Amazon


  • Anti-slip sole
  • Reflective straps
  • Soft and hand washable
  • Adjustable boots


  • A dog will have trouble walking with the wrong size

5. EXPAWLORER (Best Reflective Pet Booties for Small Dogs)

Features: Waterproof, reflective, and anti-slip design

Get these EXPAWLORER waterproof dog boots to protect your small dog’s paws when outdoors. With the superior reflective material, these boots are perfect for your little pup. They are skid resistant to prevent any accidents no matter where you are walking. Your pet’s paws will be dry whether it is raining or snowing outside.

The dog boots are also comfortable for wearing for long periods. With a flexible design, your puppy’s paws will have enough room to wiggle and walk comfortably. The soles are grooved to offer more control and protection when walking on different surfaces. With two straps, you will be able to easily fasten the shoes on the dog’s paws and take them off.

View at Amazon


  • Straps for easy to take on and off
  • Superior skid resistant material
  • Comfortable for dogs
  • Reflective for night visibility
  • Flexible lug design


  • Inaccurate sizing will be uncomfortable for dogs

6. PawZ (Best Rubber Dog Boots in 2022)

Features: Waterproof, and made of rubber

These dog boots come in a small size to protect your pup’s little paws. These boots are available in packs of 12 so that you can change depending on the weather. They are suitable for walking your dog in winter, heavy rain, muddy terrain, and hot pavements. Getting these boots will ensure your dog doesn’t bring in dirt or mud after hours of playing outdoors. The shoes are waterproof to keep your dog’s paws dry.

These boots’ rubber material is durable and will last for long before you need to replace them. With a sizing chart specific for different dog breeds, you will find the right pair for your dog. Each bootie offers significant paw friction and works well as an anti-slip sock to prevent any accidents.

View at Amazon
View at Chewy


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Durable rubber material
  • Each pack has 12 boots
  • Good for heat protection
  • Anti-skid dog boots


  • Very tight boots will be uncomfortable

Best Booties for Small Dogs in 2022

While some dogs are comfortable walking on rough surfaces or harsh weather conditions like snow, it can be harmful to other dogs. Dog boots are also useful to provide extra support for senior dogs to keep their balance on slippery surfaces. Smaller dogs are more sensitive, so you should ensure to protect their paws and paw pads from chemicals, freezing and scorching pavements, and other harmful particles they could step on.

Getting quality boots for your small dog will be much easier if you consider your dog’s style, comfort, and the material used to make the boots. You can get different boots depending on the weather so that your puppy is always protected when outdoors.

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