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Dogs love to play like kids, and chewing is one of the most common behaviors of theirs. Some dogs are aggressive chewers than others, and they don’t care how expensive your furniture or shoes are; they will keep torture it until it shredded into small pieces. There are many solutions to curb this annoying behavior of your pooch, such as using an anti-chew spray or train them with e-collars.

best long lasting chew toys for dogs

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Another great option to avoid them from chewing your expensive stuff is, give them something to keep busy such as chew toys. The problem with the most chew toys is they don’t last long, especially if your dog is an aggressive chewer. Apart from that, if these toys aren’t edible and your dog ingests, it could be hazardous and cause health problems.

In this post, we will discuss the best long lasting chewy toys for dogs. Also, you’ll know how to choose the right one?

Best Chew Toys for Dogs that Last in 2022

Before we talk about choosing the best safe chew toys for dogs that last, we have to know why invest in a long-lasting dog chew?

Why choose long-lasting chew toys for dogs?

The first reason for this is safety; cheaper toys might come with harmful materials or ingredients that can harm your dog’s health. Cheap chew toys are made of rubber or some hard material that breaks into pieces when chewing aggressively, and your dog might ingest them. Therefore, it can cause an upset stomach or some serious problem as well.

Cheap toys don’t last long, and you have to buy them frequently; this way, you end up spending more than a single durable chew toy.

Durable chew toys make your dog happy as it won’t break down easily; it’s like playing a video game with greater difficulties, which keep him engaged.

Can I give bones to my dog?

No doubt, bones could be dangerous if not chosen wisely. Dogs clean their teeth in the wild by chewing their prey; it’s a natural process. It’s quite evident; a dog can’t hunt a buffalo; therefore, you shouldn’t give him that much dense bones. We have already written an article on how to choose the bone for dogs? You can check it out.

Which chew is better edible or non-edible?

Non-edible chews last much longer than edible treats. On the other hand, edible chews provide nutritional and supplements value that your dog might not get elsewhere. We have listed both types of long-lasting chews for dogs in this article; scroll down to read more.

Things to consider when choosing long-lasting chew toys for dogs

The first question you have to ask yourself, which types of chew you want to give to your pooch – edible or non-edible? If you choose non-edible chews, you have to make sure the material is used in chews is durable. I mean, it’s not fabric or something like that, which can be torn in seconds. Moreover, you have to keep in mind, it’s made from safe material and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

If you’re looking for edible treats, then read further.


When looking for long-lasting chews for dogs, it’s easy to assume that the toughest option will be the best, but that’s not entirely true. If you choose the sturdiest chew, there are higher chances of the tooth breaking. Antlers, bones, and hooves are great examples of tough chews, but they could be harmful, especially for puppies, dogs with a dental health condition, or senior dogs.


It’s a critical factor when choosing edible long-lasting chews for dogs. You have to keep in mind, the chews you give to your dog shouldn’t be small as it increases the risk of swallow and intestinal obstruction. The rule is simple, always choose the large bones or chews over your dog’s mouth. After chewing, if they become small potentially dangerous, then pull them away.

For smaller dogs, if you can’t cut a bone with a kitchen scissor, don’t give it.


Some dog chews might be hard to digest, such as rawhide. Choosing the less processed chew is a better option over rawhide; however, digestion risk also depends on how your dog chews them. As dogs chew a rawhide, it gets slimy and soggy; therefore, your pet might accidentally swallow a large chunk. It can cause choking and intestinal obstruction.

Cartilage and connective tissue and safer to chew and digest easily; therefore, bully sticks or tendons are a much viable option as they have a lower risk of digestion issues.

Other safety measures

Use a safety device

You can use a bully stick holder to make your dog’s chewing secure. These types of devices restrict eating the stick when it gets small, potentially dangerous for swallowing. It’s always a good idea to use a large safety device, and make sure it’s enough durable and chew-proof as well.

Supervise your pet

Doesn’t matter which type of treats or toys your dog is chewing, you should keep an eye on your pet. Even the safest chews are associated with the risk of swallowing if your dog tries to bite it in the wrong way.

If you want to reduce the risk of tooth breaking or swallowing a big piece of a chunk, you should monitor your dog’s chewing habits.

Wash your hand

Most dog natural treats are greasy, slimy, or even sometimes bloody, and it does make sense to wash your hand after serving your dog. But that’s not all; you should always wash your hand after touching your dog food as it contains bacteria that could be potentially harmful to you and your family. However, these bacteria are safe for dogs. For instance, some natural chews aren’t cooked; they freeze-dried or hydrated. Therefore, they might contain the same bacteria found on raw meat and bones.


Best durable chew toys for dogs at a glance



  • Type: Non-Edible Toy, Squeaker
  • Material: Rubber
  • Ideal for: All dogs



  • Type: Non-Edible pull toy
  • Material: Rubber
  • Ideal for: All dogs



  • Type: Non-Edible Toy, bouncing ball
  • Material: Rubber
  • Ideal for: All dogs



  • Type: Non-Edible Toy, Squeaker
  • Material: Nylon
  • Ideal for: All dogs



  • Type: Non-Edible Toy, Squeaker
  • Material: Rubber
  • Ideal for: All dogs



  • Type: Non-Edible Toy, Squeaker
  • Material: Cotton
  • Ideal for: Small Dogs


  • Type: Non-Edible Toy, Squeaker
  • Material: Nylon, wood
  • Ideal for: All dogs



  • Type: Edible stick
  • Ingredient: Yak milk
  • Ideal for: All dogs



  • Type: Edible stick
  • Ingredient: Beef
  • Ideal for: All dogs


  • Type: Edible stick
  • Ingredient: Beef
  • Ideal for: All dogs


  • Type: Edible stick
  • Ingredient: Beef/chicken, peanut butter
  • Ideal for: All dogs



  • Type: Edible stick
  • Ingredient: Beef
  • Ideal for: Large dogs



  • Type: Edible stick
  • Ingredient: Turkey tendon
  • Ideal for: All dogs

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Best Non-edible Long Lasting Chew Toys for Dogs

No doubt, non-edible chews last much longer than edible treats, but you have to make sure it’s made of safe material. In this section, we have collected top-rated and safe chew toys for dogs playing

1. VANFINE (Best Long Lasting Chew Toy for Dogs Teeth)

Type: Non-Edible Toy, Squeaker | Material: Rubber | Ideal for:  All dogs

Made from natural rubber, VANFINE is one of the most durable and safe chew toys available in the market. Despite durability, it’s a quite soft and elastic toy that doesn’t harm your canine.

Surprisingly, this chew toy is very long-lasing even very aggressive chewers won’t easily tear it off. Additionally, it has a squeaker that creates fun sound when chewing; it makes playing more engaging.

This play toy comes with natural beef flavor and saturates your dog’s natural chewing instincts. Overall, it’s one of the best safe chew toys for dogs that can last longer. The best thing you’re backed with the lifetime replacement guarantee, which is unbelievable for this meager price.

  • Made from natural rubber
  • Elastic and soft
  • Squeaker toy
  • Available in two sizes
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Its sound might be annoying for some dog owners

2. Goughnuts (Best Chew Toys for Large and Aggressive Dogs)

Type: Non-Edible pull toy | Material: Rubber | Ideal for:  All dogs

However, the previous chew toy VANFINE is quite durable, but it might kneel against the utmost chewers. On the other hand, the Goughnuts chew toy is specially made for large and heavy dogs, that’s why it’s very sturdy.

This chew toy is made of rubber and polymer, which is also used in making aircraft parts; its durability is top-notch. Goughnuts chew toy is 11 inches in length and 6 inches in width. It makes chewing safer and reduces swallowing risk.

This rubber chew toy is made in the USA with food-grade rubber; there is no compromise in the quality. However, you have to supervise your pet while chewing for security purposes.

This chew toy is slightly costly than other products but considering quality and safety; it’s justified. You’re getting a lifetime guarantee as well.

  • Durable material, ideal for large dogs
  • Made with food-grade rubber
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • A bit expensive

3. West Paw (Best Chew Ball for Aggressive Dogs)

Type: Non-Edible Toy, bouncing ball | Material: Rubber | Ideal for:  All dogs

A ball is always considered one of the most delightful toys for dogs; they chase it, fetch it, and chew it. The round design is the hardest to chew as it isn’t easy to hold. But it doesn’t make any sense if a dog isn’t able to chew at all, that’s why this boll isn’t rounded.

In terms of durability, you can understand it’s tougher than a tennis ball; even the most aggressive chewer won’t be able to tear it apart easily. Despite that heavy and durable design, this chew ball is bouncy; that’s why it’s a perfect fetch toy as well.

If we talk about the price, it’s the best value product. You can play with your fido in the pool, lake, or river. This product is dishwasher safe; therefore, you don’t need to worry about it cleaning.

West Paw chew ball is made in the USA; it’s a latex-free and FDA-compliant product that guarantees damage. It’s one of the best chew toys for dogs that lasts. On top of that, it’s available in different colors and sizes.

  • Highly durable
  • Available in three colors and sizes
  • FDA-compliant and latex-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Reasonable price
  • Slightly heavier

4. EETOYS (Cheap and Durable Nylon Chew Toy for Dogs)

Type: Non-Edible Toy, Squeaker | Material: Nylon | Ideal for:  All dogs

Another great, long-lasting chew toy for dogs which is strengthened with the nylon material. It’s very safe because dogs will be able to chip off small pieces and make teeth mark on this toy. However, it would be best if you only allowed your dog to chew under your supervision.

EETOYS dog chew is available in several sizes, and you can choose as per your dog.

Whether it’s about boredom, mental stimulation, or kill aggressiveness, this chew toy helps curb a dog’s behavior.

As compared to the other toys in the market, this chew toy is cheaper, and the durability is also excellent.

  • Safe and durable nylon material 
  • Available in several sizes
  • Cheaper
  • Some dog might find it boring

5. MIDOG (Best Safe and Engaging Chew Toy for Bored Dogs)

Type: Non-Edible Toy, Squeaker | Material: Rubber  | Ideal for:  All dogs

Midog chew toy is available in pineapple design, which is quite alluring for dogs. On top of that, it’s a squeaky toy, and that keeps your dog engaged. You can also put some treats inside this toy.

This chew toy is almost indestructible as it’s made from an extremely durable and bite-resistant material. The rubber used in this dog toy is nature-derived and toxic-free, which is safer.

Midog indestructible chew toy is available in three sizes; you can choose according to your canine. Moreover, your purchase is secured with a lifetime guarantee.

Along with reducing the boredom, this chew toy helps clean a dog’s teeth with its unique design. Overall, it’s a good buy if you’re looking for a long-lasting and attractive toy.

  • Attractive pineapple design
  • Natural and durable rubber
  • Allow placing treats inside
  • Squeaker toy
  • Available in three sizes
  • A bit higher price

6. Toozey (Best Cotton Chew Toys for Puppies)

Type: Non-Edible Toy, Squeaker | Material: Cotton | Ideal for:  Small Dogs

Toozey toys are safe and engaging chews for small dogs and puppies. These toys are made of 100% natural cotton and available in beautiful colors.

It’s a pack of 7 toys, which is a bargain compared to the other chew toys. However, keep in mind, these toys are only recommended for small dog breeds and puppies because they aren’t much durable as nylon or rubber toys.

These beautiful chew toys will keep your fido busy and also maintain dental health. Overall, Toozey toys are one of the best safe chew toys for small dogs available for a meager price.

  • Safe 100% cotton material
  • Beautiful colors 
  • Good price for 7 toys
  • Non-toxic
  • Best choice for puppies
  • Not very durable

7. Benebone (Another Durable Chew Toy for Aggressive Dogs)

Type: Non-Edible Toy, Squeaker | Material: Nylon,  wood | Ideal for:  All dogs

Enriched with the real wood flavor, Benebone chewy toy is the best replacement if your pooch is after your furniture. This durable stick will keep your dog busy for weeks as it’s quite durable. It has more endurance than real sticks, and it’s very safe as well.

The product is made in the USA; therefore, you don’t need to worry about its quality. Benebone is available in four sizes and two flavors; you can choose as you want.

In terms of price, this chew toy is also a good value as it will keep your canine busy for weeks.

  • Highly durable material
  • Real maple wood and bacon flavor
  • Available in four sizes
  • Reasonable price
  • Some dog might not find it interesting

Best Edible Long Lasting Chew Toys for Dogs

Edible chews can keep your dog busy and also provides nutritional value; however, they don’t last longer than non-edible bone, as we have discussed above. Please take a look at our top recommendations for the safe and durable edible chews.

You can use a safety device to hold the sticks; it will reduce the risk of choking and swallowing.


1. EcoKind (Best Long Lasting Pet Treat for Small Dogs)

Type: Edible stick | Ingredient: Yak milk | Ideal for:  All dogs

EcoKind yak dog chew is a healthy and natural dog treat that provides natural ingredients along with keeping your canine busy. These treats are sourced from100% yak milk and don’t contain any artificial ingredients. This product is gluten-free and lactose-free.

In terms of endurance, this dog chews can keep your dog busy for hours as they are 6-8 large. The best thing these sticks are easily digestible and ideal for pets with a sensitive stomach.

Unlike non-edible chews, this dog treat doesn’t last much longer, but you’re getting nutritional value. These aren’t very costly dog chews; it’s a true value product. Moreover, it’s available in bulk 5 lbs pack as well.

  • Natural and safe
  • Reasonable price
  • Odorless and gluten-free
  • Not long-lasting for big dogs

2. Natural Farm (Best Long-Lasting Bully Sticks for Dogs)

Type: Edible stick | Ingredient: Beef | Ideal for:  All dogs

When it comes to long-lasting edible dog chews, bully sticks are one of the best options. The best thing about Natural Farm bully sticks is, they are easily digestible; therefore, they don’t cause any health issue.

These dog sticks are available in different sizes, and you can choose as per your dog temperament and breed. As compared to the previous dog yak treats, these sticks are a bit more long-lasting.

These dog chews are made of 100% natural grass-fed beef with the slow oven-baked; that’s why they preserve higher nutritions. This product is 100% chemical-free, hormone-free, and grain-free. 

The price of these dog stick is a bit higher, but you’re getting highly nutritious dog chews that will keep your dog busy for hours. You can choose up to a 12-inch bully stick if you have a large dog breed.

  • Highly nutritious and natural product
  • Available in different sizes
  • No harmful chemicals
  • A bit expensive

3. Jack&Pup (Another Great Bully Stick for Aggressive Chewers)

Type: Edible stick | Ingredient: Beef | Ideal for:  All dogs

100% digestible and great quality Jack&Pup bully sticks are another viable option if you want to keep your fido busy. These dog chews are made of natural grass-fed cattle and processed in the USDA human-grade certified and inspected facility to ensure the best quality.

Along with nutritional benefits, these dog chews support dental health, and long-lasting is their main properties that can keep your canine busy for a long time. 

Jack&Pup is also offering a quality product; therefore, its price isn’t low either. Moreover, these bully sticks are available in different sizes.

  • Natural and high quality
  • Available for all sizes dogs
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 100% digestible
  • A bit costly

4. Pet Factory (Best Value Long Lasing Chews for Dogs)

Type: Edible stick | Ingredient: Beef/chicken, peanut butter | Ideal for:  All dogs

If you’re looking for budget-friendly treats to keep your dog busy, you might consider the Pet Factory bully sticks. It’s a pack of 6 large bully sticks (7-8 inches), available at a very affordable price.

There is no compromise in the quality if you’re wondering because of their low price. This product is made under strict GFSI food quality standards. 

Pet Factory bully sticks are 100% natural and digestive. These chew sticks come with peanut butter flavor. With the braided design, these sticks are difficult to eat; therefore, they last longer.

Pet Factory chews are a good option if we talk about the price, quality, or long-lasting features.

  • 99% digestive treat
  • Peanut butter flavored
  • Affordable price
  • Some dogs might not like it

5. Sancho & Lola's (Best Long Lasting Chews for Large Dogs)

Type: Edible stick | Ingredient: Beef | Ideal for:  Large dogs

Large dogs can easily chew down most of the bully stick in just a few minutes, but Sancho & Lola’s chews aren’t that easy. These bully sticks are quite thick and lasts a couple of days.

These jumbo bully sticks are made in the USA in FDA registered facilities and don’t contain any junk ingredients. These are beef flavored dog chews that attract your dog naturally.

Overall, Sancho & Lola’s dog chews are a perfect choice for large dogs. These sticks are available in other small sizes as well.

  • Thick and long-lasting
  • Made in the USA
  • Natural beef flavor
  • A bit costly

6. GoGo (Best Turkey Tendon for Dog Chews)

Type: Edible stick | Ingredient: Turkey tendon | Ideal for:  All dogs

Tendons are a great source of protein and easily digestible; they could also be viable options for dog chews. However, these treats aren’t long-lasting, but I have listed them because of health benefits.

GoGo tendons are made of only one ingredient of USA turkey. There are no colors or preservation added, and this product is GMO-free.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting chew for dogs, then you might be disappointed, but these tendons hold higher nutritional value. Additionally, when we think from the price aspect, GoGo tendons aren’t much pricer.

  • Contain high protein and easily digestible
  • 100% natural tendons
  • USDA certified 
  • Not long-lasting

Best Long Lasing Chew Toys for Dogs in 2022

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