5 Best Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Dogs in 2022 – Guide and Reviews

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Getting the right shampoo for your dog can be a challenge. You have to consider your dog’s preferences, skin type, and most importantly, the product’s ingredients. Tea tree oil has many benefits, and it is less likely to damage the skin of your dog.

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best tea tree oil shampoo for dogs

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Shampoos are great for healing skin disease and infections in dogs. While most common shampoos for treating this problem contain many chemicals, tea tree oil is a natural alternative.

Using a shampoo that contains tea tree oil for your furry friend can help treat skin reactions and provide relief to your dog’s symptoms. We made a list of the most effective best tea tree oil shampoo for dogs of 2022, so let’s check them out.

Best Shampoo for Dogs with Tea Tree Oil

The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Dogs

Tea tree oil is an excellent product for dogs when used in the right amount. It can help repair damaged skin, kill fleas, scabies and moisturize dry skin. You shouldn’t use tea tree oil without diluting it because that is harmful to your pet. Here are some benefits of using a shampoo that contains tee tree oil.

Tik and Flea Remedy

Tea tree shampoo for dogs is the perfect flea repellent. It also helps kill fleas so that your dog can be clean and happy again. The tea tree oil in dog shampoos contains antibacterial ingredients that repel and kill harmful pests. You don’t have to worry about harming your puppy either.

Reduces Itchiness

Tea Tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties that will help soothe and relieve your dog’s skin. After washing with tea tree oil shampoo, the strong scent will help your pet from itching all the time and wanting to bite those spots. Washing areas that your dog keeps on biting with tea tree oil shampoo can go a long way in reducing itchiness.

Takes care of Infections

Dogs are very prone to bacterial infections with symptoms like itchiness and hair loss. Washing dogs with tea tree oil shampoo helps remove dirt and reduce infections from worsening. It helps with yeast infections too. Tea tree oil shampoos help eliminate odors and speed up the healing process by reducing pain.

Improves Dog’s Skin and Coat

Getting Tea Tree oil shampoo for your dog can provide several benefits to your puppy. It makes their coat smoother and shiny after every wash. It works well for clearing skin irritations and rashes.

Factors to Consider when Buying Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Dogs

It’s not only the price that matters when choosing the right tea tree oil shampoo for your dog. It has to be in the right concentration and be safe enough to use on your pet. Here are more considerations to make.

Dogs Skin Sensitivity

Your dog’s needs always come first when deciding which shampoo will work best for them. It is essential to consider your dog’s pH when choosing the right shampoo for them. With how sensitive a dog’s skin is, you don’t want to use a product to worsen their condition. The shampoo you chose should help treat the specific issues your dog has without tampering with their skin pH.


With many tea tree oil shampoos’ options to choose from, you can have a hard time finding one that works. You need to take time and find the one that will meet the needs of your dog. You can first consult a vet to determine whether your pet has problems like insects, dry coat, or itchiness. Getting the appropriate product after consultation will be much easier.

The concentration of Tea Tree Oil

Although tea tree oil is a fantastic ingredient in natural shampoo, a very high concentration can harm your dog. For shampoo products, the ideal concentration of tea tree oil should be around 1%. Raw tea tree oil is dangerous when used on dogs.

Avoid using tea tree oil and other essential oils around small dogs because they have extra sensitive skin. A highly diluted amount of tea tree oil will work, and you can find out the concentrations from reading the labels on the bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it dangerous if my dog ingests tea tree oil shampoo?

Yes, it can be very harmful to your dog. If your dog ingests a large amount and high concentration of tea tree oil, it can be fatal if not treated on time.

Is tea tree oil shampoo effective for treating yeast infection in dogs?

Yes. With a quality tea tree oil shampoo and some vinegar rinse, you can help your dog fight off yeast infections.

Does the smell of tea tree oil affect dogs?

The smell of tea tree oil can be strong because of the antibacterial properties it has. Tea tree oil is only harmful to dogs when they ingest it orally.

What happens when a dog licks tea tree oil?

When ingested by dogs, tea tree oil can be very harmful to dogs, especially in highly concentrated amounts. The symptoms from tea tree oil can be very harsh on dogs and have lasting repercussions like organ damage, so you have to be careful when using it.

Does shampoo with tea tree oil help treat hot spots on dogs?

Yes, it does. Tea tree oil shampoo is ideal for soothing and relieving pain on sore and irritated skin. The shampoo also reduces itchiness.


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Best Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Dogs- Reviews

With all the benefits of tea tree oil for your dog, we made a list of some of the most trusted products you can check out.

1. Earthbath (Best Natural Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Dogs)

Available in: 16 fl. oz.

This soothing shampoo is suitable for dogs of different ages. It is safe for dogs and other pets over six weeks old. The bottle contains 16 fluid ounces of shampoo you can use when breathing your dog. The Earthbath dog shampoo offers total pet care and is 100% biodegradable to be safe for the environment.

It is safe and gentle on your dog’s skin so that you don’t have to worry about irritation either. The shampoo is soap-free and works to reduce skin irritations, itching, and insect bites. With additional aloe vera, this shampoo efficiently soothes to relieve hot spots on your dog’s skin.

This tea tree oil also works well for dogs with skin allergic reactions. It can help soother symptoms like hives on their skin. This shampoo can also be helpful for dogs who don’t like bathtime to start enjoying it slowly. The shampoo has all-natural products that are safer for your dog to use.

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  • It contains calming properties to relieve soreness and hot spots on a dog’s skin.
  • It relieves hotspots caused by chafed skin and flea bites.
  • This tea tree oil shampoo leaves your dog’s coat shiny and soft.
  • It is more gentle on your dog and you when using it.
  • Natural ingredients like aloe vera are known for soothing and relieving itchiness on a dog’s skin.


  • Some dogs can be allergic to natural ingredients like tea tree and aloe vera.
  • The shampoo can cause dryness in some dogs.

2. John Paul (Another Great Tea Tree Oil Dog Shampoo)

Available in: 16 fl. oz.

Tea tree oil shampoo is great for adding moisture and soothing your dog; this shampoo is not different. It is combined with tea tree oil and eucalyptus to help reduce skin irritations that your dog could have. This luxurious shampoo is effective in cleansing your dog and helping them through their healing process. The aloe found in this dog shampoo also replenishes the moisture of your dog’s skin.

Massage a small amount onto your dog’s damp fur while making sure to avoid their eyes and ears for their safety. Rinse them well in cool water, then towel dry them. You can brush the fur to see how soft and shiny it has become. This shampoo is the answer to treating dog skin issues and allergies.

The tea tree scent leaves your dog smelling great for days. You don’t have to use a lot of product either because a minimal amount is enough to keep your dog relaxed and happy. The pH is well balanced to be safe on a dog’s sensitive skin too. The tea tree oil in this product helps treat damaged skin, dry skin, and kill yeast and insects.

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  • The shampoo leaves your dog smelling clean and fresh.
  • It helps with treating skin issues and allergies that affect their skin.
  • It lathers very well compared to other shampoos, which minimizes its use.
  • This shampoo is effective and offers excellent value for the price.
  • The shampoo doesn’t cause dryness and keeps the dog’s coat smooth and shiny.


  • It may not be helpful for itchy skin on some dogs.

3. Speak Pet (Best Tea Tree Oil Shampoo with Natural Deodorizer)

Available in: 17 fl oz, and 128 fl. oz.

This high-quality shampoo contains tea tree oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera for washing your dog. The mix of these natural products help soothe irritation and heal damaged skin. It is also useful in cleaning and moisturizing the coat of your dog. With minimal ingredients, this shampoo is safe to use on your dog because it doesn’t contain too many chemicals.

There is no additional fragrance or colors added to this shampoo. If your puppy is allergic to strong scents, this can be a good alternative. For dogs who already have scars due to insects, this shampoo can help speed up the healing process. It also works well for dogs’ skin that has been irritated by allergens. The shampoo also works as a natural bug repellent to keep your pets at peace.

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  • The shampoo reduces stink in dogs and keeps them smelling fresh.
  • It helps alleviate dryness and damaged skin in dogs.
  • This shampoo is effective in cleaning your dog and soothing their skin.
  • The shampoo is safe for dogs as it contains no alcohol, detergent, or colors.
  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.


  • The bottle is small and might not last long.

4. Vet’s Best (Best Hot Spot Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Dogs)

Available in: 16 fl. oz.

Vet’s Dog Shampoo is the ideal shampoo to help relieve a dog’s dry skin, scratching, and itchiness. The natural formula offers fast relief for irritated skin to have your dog soothed and happy after every wash. It is also excellent for adding moisture to support your pet’s healthy skin. A few weeks of washing with this tea tree oil shampoo will quicken the healing process for dogs with sensitive hot spots.

This product contains ingredients like tea tree oil and aloe vera to offer fast relief for different skin conditions. The formula is alcohol-free to be safe to use on puppies over 12 weeks old and older dogs. It is useful in treating inflamed, raw and red skin. You can easily use this shampoo with other treatments like flea repellants without causing any harm.

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  • The shampoo only contains natural ingredients with no alcohol to be safe for dogs.
  • It is useful in soothing irritated and inflamed, itchy skin.
  • This shampoo can work with other products and treatments without causing a reaction.
  • It is soothing and doesn’t sting when applied to the dog’s skin.
  • The tea tree oil offers comfort and fast relief to your pet to stop scratching and itching.


  • The shampoo may not work for all dog’s skin conditions.

5. E3 Elite (Best Value Tick Killer Tea Tree Oil Shampoo)

Available in: 21 fl oz, and 128 fl. oz.

This soap is excellent if you are looking to get rid of ticks on your dog’s coat. This soap works well for dogs to soothe their skin and reduce symptoms of allergies. The wonderful scent of this product leaves your puppy smelling fresh and ready to play. It also keeps their coat smooth and doesn’t leave any residue after a good rinsing.

This tea tree shampoo lathers well and is gentle on your dog’s skin. It offers deep cleaning to get rid of dirt build-up and keeps the dog’s coat soft. The E3 Elite tea tree oil shampoo contains nano multivitamins that restore the natural luster to the coat. You can try this out if you are having trouble getting rid of ticks on your dog.

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  • This shampoo is effective in killing ticks and pests on your dog’s coat.
  • The tea tree oil shampoo helps prevent inflammation and quickens the healing process.
  • It helps cleanse your dog and keep your dog’s coat smooth.
  • The shampoo is effective and doesn’t irritate the dog’s skin.
  • This tea tree oil shampoo smells good too.


  • This shampoo may not be suitable for all dogs.

Best Dog Shampoos with Tea Tree Oil in 2022

Getting a dog shampoo that contains tea tree oil is great because of its soothing properties. With the right concentration of tea tree oil in your dog’s shampoo, it can help with itchiness, dry skin, and skin allergies. Before choosing the right tea tree oil shampoo, you need to consider your dog’s allergies, skin type, and preference.

Using this shampoo safely and as instructed can help reduce inflamation, hot spots on your dog’s skin and leave your dog clean and smelling divine. Regular use of a tea tree oil shampoo on your dog will keep them happy and their skin smoother.

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