How Dog Breeding Works and How It Was Created?


It’s probably the last question that comes to someone’s mind: “How were dog breeds created when you are all surrounded by the affection of your furry friend. But somehow, it’s obvious that we do think of the origin of our beloved pups. We might have heard that dogs are the successors of wolves (ancestors) but … Read more

Why Does Dog stare at Me?


Dogs have each other, family members, and human counterparts in the same room. They tend to spend a lot of time with us because they are such loyal companions, but most people don’t know why dogs stare at them so creepily. What’s going on? There is a very clear reason why dogs stare at people … Read more

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?


Dogs mostly amuse us with their adorable antics, and one of them chasing their tail. Have you ever wondered why do they do this? Well, there are several reasons that justify why dogs chase their tail. The most prevalent theory is that the behavior is caused by a desire for attention and greeted with joy … Read more

How Do Dog Chips Work? A Complete Guide!


Despite our efforts, accidents happen, and we can’t stop them, but we can plan for them. According to studies, 1 in three pets become lost at some point. That’s a lot of pets that could potentially end up at a shelter or worse. That’s why microchips were invented, to help us find our lost furry … Read more