8 Best Bones for Dogs to Clean Teeth and Breath

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If you’re looking for the best bones for dogs to clean teeth and Breath, then you’re already aware of the nasty dental plaque and tartar, which can cause some severe gum problems in your pooch if not treated timely. Either you have an older pet, and you’re wondering which bones would be the best or if you own a young pet, and you believe in prevention is better than cure, which is even better.

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best bones for dogs to clean teeth

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Do you know, in the wild, the canines clean their teeth by chewing the bones of their prey, it is the natural and most effective way. However, it doesn’t mean that you can buy any type of bones for your dog, because you also have to know that dental fracture is also common in dogs while chewing bones. Usually, big and dense bones must be avoided if you want the safety of your pet. There is a lot more to think about before choosing the best teeth cleaning bones for dogs, so let’s discuss it step by step.

Best Teeth Cleaning Bones for Dogs in 2022 – What Should We Consider

As I said, the dental fracture is quite common in dogs when they chew dense bones. Sometimes bones splinters and cause some internal injuries to your pet. Moreover, if a dog swallows large bits of bones, it can cause intestinal obstruction. These unhappening might occur, but if you follow some simple guidelines, you can prevent it. So, what should we need to consider before choosing the best tooth cleaning bones for our pets?

Avoid Dense Bones

It is the most crucial factor before choosing bones for your dog. Think from the nature perspective, a canine can’t hunt buffalo, cow, or any large animal, that’s why there is no point feeding them those bones. According to nature, dogs intended to kill birds, rodents, rabbits, goats, or maybe deer; therefore, these types of bones are ideal for dogs to consume and digestion.

Size is quite important

Apart from the bone types, you must think about the bone size according to your pet. Feeding too large bones can cause broken teeth, or on the other hand, too small bones can elevate the risk of swallowing a large piece, which is even more dangerous. Usually, a bone should be larger than your dog’s mouth so that it won’t take off a big bit. If your dog is very small, then you should contemplate; if you can’t cut a bone with kitchen scissor, you shouldn’t give it to your dog.

Say no to Cooked and Smoked Bones

Some dog owners think feeding bones from leftover is a good idea, but it’s a risky business. Usually, cooked bones tend to become brittle, and when a dog consumes them, they may splinter and cause potential internal injuries. Moreover, a cooked bone can’t sustain essential nutrition, which is useless to feed your dog. When visiting pet stores, you might have seen steamed or smoked bones stored in the freezer; they are equally dangerous because they also become brittle.

Edible Bones Vs Recreational Bones

You might be surprised that edible bones can’t help a dog to clean teeth, according to the Animal Planet  your dog should chew a bone for good 30 minutes to get some dental benefit. The edible bones are soft and flexible as they don’t contain marrow, for instance, chicken necks or chicken wings. However, edible bones provide essential nutrients and minerals, but they don’t significantly help in dental health. It answers the crucial question of why feeding raw bones don’t necessarily always have the best teeth

Unlike the edible bones, recreational bones don’t provide much nutritional benefit and aren’t meant to be swallowed. They are useful for cleaning dog teeth; the dog just nibbles on them for mental stimulation. Recreational bones with some soft tissue meat work as the same action as when getting brushed, which helps to reduce the tarter and gum problems.

Which Recreational Bones are Recommended

Ideally, goat or lamb bones are perfect for dogs; these are enough hard and abrasive but aren’t thick. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, then you should consider bones without marrow as they are high in fat, which can cause digestive problems. You can feed bones of the medium-sized animal to your dog twice a week, if you can find it with some meat, it would be best.

Any Other Option Instead of Raw Bones

If you don’t like to feed the raw bones to your dog, there are several types of edible bones available in the market, as we are going to talk about in this post. Before choosing the best bones to clean your dog teeth, make sure they are made of non-toxic and healthy ingredients. Moreover, make sure they are digestible, in case your dog swallows them accidentally, which can cause intestinal obstruction.

The best teeth cleaning bones for dogs shouldn’t be soft and flexible, as it won’t last much longer and won’t work. Moreover, it shouldn’t be much hard as well, which can cause a dental crack. Make sure the bones shouldn’t contain corn, gluten, soy, or any other animal byproduct.

Additional Consideration

However, you have selected the right type of bones for your pet, but never feed them when you’re not present. Bones are undoubtedly effective in cleaning teeth tarter when you choose the right size and type for your dog, and you can offer them two to three times a week.


  • Never choose highly dense bones of large animals such as buffalo or cow; they can cause a dental fracture.
  • The bone size should be larger than the dog’s mouth, so it prevents swallowing.
  • Avoid cooked or smoked bone because they become brittle and hard.
  • Raw chicken bones are safe to eat but not helpful in cleaning teeth.
  • You can also feed some edible bone instead of raw bones, but make sure they are made of non-toxic and healthy ingredients.
  • Never feed bone to your dog when you’re not present.

We have put hours of research for finding the best bones for dog teeth and breath and created this list for you. So let’s have a look!


Best dental bones for dogs at a glance



  • Rawhide stick
  • 5 inches
  • Peanut Butter, Beef, Chicken
  • Available packs: 35, 70, 145, 215, 365
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  • Rawhide sticks
  • 12 inches
  • Beef
  • Available packs: 8, 25
View at Amazon
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  • Treats
  • Various sizes
  • Available packs: 11, 22, 43, 65, 96, 130, 192, 260
View at Amazon
View at Chewy
  • Raw bones
  • Beef
  • Available packs: 1, 3, 10
View at Amazon



  • Raw bones
  • 11 inches
  • Beef
  • Available packs: 3
View at Amazon
View at Chewy
  • Raw bones
  • 3-4 inches
  • Beef
  • Available packs: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200
View at Amazon



  • Rawhide bones
  • 10 inches
  • Beef
  • Available packs: 2, 5, 10, 20, 100
View at Amazon
View at Chewy



  • Rawhide bones
  • 5-6 inches
  • Peanut Butter, Cheese, Bacon, Beef
  • Available packs: 3, 10, 25, 50
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Best Bones for dogs to clean teeth in 2022 – Reviews

1. Lucky Premium Treats (Best Values Rawhide Bones for Dog Teeth Cleaning)

Type: Rawhide stick |  Size: 5 inches | Flavor: Peanut Butter, Beef, Chicken | Available in: Pack of 35, 70, 145, 215, and 365

These rawhide bones aren’t only useful for cleaning your dog teeth but also provide higher nutritional value. These bones are made from 100% natural beef rawhide and filled with different flavors such as chicken, beef, and peanut butter; therefore, your dog will love them.

The best part of these rawhide bone is, they won’t crack while chewing, which eliminates the risk of internal injuries. However, I have listed the Regular size here, but you should choose these bones as per your dog sizes. These rawhide treats are available for below 10 lbs small puppy to over 70 lbs dogs. You can visit the Lucky Premium Treats official page for more options.

Lucky Premium Treats bully sticks are made from human grade ingredients; therefore, it doesn’t contain chemicals, preservatives, additives, enhancers, and fillers. These teeth cleaning dog treats are made from 100% rolled beef skin, and are gluten-free, and hormone-free.

If you’re looking for delicious and effective dog teeth cleaning bones, these are one of the most cost-efficient options in 2022.

View at Amazon
View at Chewy


  • Made from 100% rolled beef skin
  • Available in different flavor
  • Available for all dog sizes
  • No harmful chemical – gluten-free and hormone-free


  • Size could be a bit more uniform

2. Best Bully Sticks (Best Large and Long-Lasting Dental Bones for Dogs in 2022)

Type: Rawhide stick |  Size: 12 inches | Flavor: Beef | Available in: Pack of 8, and 25

Best Bully Sticks is known for providing all-natural dog treats and chews. These bully sticks are made of 100% all-natural grass-fed beef, which is fully digestible.

Best Bully Sticks are safe for dogs as they don’t splinter, which may cause serious health problems when swallowed. On top of that, they are high in protein, and it supports healthy diets. There is no hormones or unhealthy chemical, or additives present in these bully sticks, which is excellent.

Whether you have a small dog or large dog, these bones are available in different sizes, and you can check out the Best Bully Sticks store here. The best thing about these sticks is they are long-lasting, it doesn’t matter how aggressive chewer your dog is.

These rawhide bones are beneficial in removing the plaque and tartar off your dog, which may lead to serious gum problems later. Undoubtedly the price of these sticks is higher than other brands, but while considering the effectiveness, ingredients, and long-lasting quality, it’s not a bad deal either,

View at Amazon
View at Chewy


  • 100% single beef ingredient
  • Larger and long-lasting
  • Available for all dog breed
  • High in protein


  • Slightly expensive

3. Greenies (Best Treats for Dogs Teeth Cleaning in 2022)

Type: Treat |  Size: Various | Flavor: Other | Available in: Pack of  11, 22, 43, 65, 96, 130, 192, and 260

You have probably heard of Greenies; it is one of the most popular brands which offer healthy and natural treats for pets. The Greenies is well-known for its unique shaped chews that can clean down the plaque and tartar to the gum lines.

Greenies are available for all types of dogs from small to large; you can choose as per your requirements. Unlike other rawhide or raw bones, these treats are very flexible; therefore, they don’t break and provide deeper clean due to flexibility. But don’t worry, they are quite long-lasting to clean the teeth thoroughly.

Greenies are accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) and recommended by veterinarians. Moreover, they are filled with natural minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients; therefore, they are quite healthy for pets.

One thing that I want to tell you, make sure you choose the right size of greenies according to your pet, so they won’t be able to swallow it as it might be potentially harmful. You can find the right size of greenies for pets here.

View at Amazon
View at Chewy


  • Natural ingredients
  • Flexible to ensure deep cleaning
  • Available in different sizes for all dogs
  • Healthy and highly nutritious treat
  • Certified by VOHC
  • Quite useful in removing plaque and tartar


  • Higher price than other brands

4. K9 Connoisseur (Best Raw Bones for Small Dogs for Cleaning Teeth)

Type: Raw bones |  Size: 3-4 inches | Flavor: Beef | Available in: Pack of  10, 20, 50, 100, and 200

If you have a dog or puppy up to 15 pounds, these raw bones are the perfect treat to get healthy teeth. These bones are quite efficient for removing the plaque or stubborn tartar from your dog mouth as provide natural ingredients.

K9 Connoisseur raw bones are filled with marrow and sliced into the adequately large piece, so your puppy won’t be able to swallow it. Mind you, I have linked the small bones that are ideal for a little puppy, and if you have a large dog, you can visit the official K9 Connoisseur page to find out the right one as they have carefully listed for all sizes.

These bones are sourced from grass-fed cattle born and feed in America, and there is no preservation or artificial flavoring, which makes them safe. Additionally, this product is GFSI certified as it produced with human-grade food standards.

Altogether, if you’re looking for the best marrow bones for dogs, it might be a viable choice.

View at Amazon


  • Natural and long-lasting bones
  • No preservatives or artificial flavoring
  • GFSI certified
  • Available for all dog size, visit the store page


  • A bit more meat to chew off would have been better

5. Jack&Pup (Best Dental Bones for Large Dogs in 2022)

Type: Raw bones |  Size: 11 inches | Flavor: Beef | Available in: Pack of 3

Whether you want to keep your dog’s teeth naturally clean or just want to make them busy and prevent your stuff from chewing, the Jack&Pup are offering the best quality bones.

These bones are quite large and yet fully digestible and safe to your pet. As they are meaty bones which produce the brushed or flossed effect when your dog chews them, and provide the best cleaning result. Not just plaque, it can even reduce tartar and make your dog’s gum healthy.

These are raw bones accompanies with meat; therefore, they provide many health benefits; it comprises many essential ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acid, vitamins, and minerals. It not only make your dog’s teeth healthy but also improves the overall body and immune system.

However, Jack&Pup is probably offering the best raw meaty bones for small or large dogs that can clear your dog teeth, and provide real health benefits, but take general precaution while feeding them. Always feed bone to your dog in front of you.

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View at Chewy


  • Large and meaty bones filled with natural ingredients
  • 100% digestible
  • Available for all dog sizes


  • Slightly odor
  • A bit expensive than other

6. Pawstruck (Best Raw Knee Cap Bones for Cleaning Dogs Teeth)

Type: Raw bones |  Size: 12 inches | Flavor: Beef | Available in: Pack of 8, and 25

Previous bones are a bit large for handling if you have a small puppy, these Pawstruck bones might be another good option. These are the knee cap bones about 3-4 inches large, which is suitable for small dogs. These are long-lasting bones and will make your dog busy. Moreover, they are meaty as well; therefore, they provide more appealing results removing tartar and plaque via friction.

These bones are free from common allergens such as corn, grain, or soy. There are no preservatives, ingredients, or chemicals; therefore, you can consider them safe for your dog.

These bones come in a pair; you can purchase from 10 bones to 200 bones as per your requirements.

View at Amazon


  • Natural raw bones
  • No harmful chemical or preservatives
  • Healthy and delicious beef flavor
  • Long-lasting


  • Not recommended for aggressive chewer or large dogs

7. Raw Paws (Best Rawhide Bones for Dogs to Clean Teeth)

Type: Rawhide stick |  Size: 10 inches | Flavor: Beef | Available in: Pack of 2, 5, 10, 20, and 100

While the raw bones provide the natural ingredients and minerals, but they may cause problems if you feed a dense and thick bone to your dog. Sometimes they break into large pieces and cause intestinal obstruction. This is where the rawhide bones are much beneficial; they are perfect for almost all dog breed.

These rawhide bones are compressed rolls made from the free-range cattle; they are hard enough to clean your dog teeth, and won’t break into pieces. Along with removing plaque and tartar from your dog teeth, these bones are quite healthy and rich in chondroitin and glucosamine. On top of that, these best rawhide bones are high in protein and low in fat to support weight management to your dog.

There is no preservative, artificial flavor, glues, adhesives, or chemical present in these bones. These bones are the perfect treat for your dog cleaning teeth or eliminating anxiety.

Raw Paw rawhide bones are available in 10-inches, which is perfect for almost all ages of dogs.

View at Amazon
View at Chewy


  • Large stick
  • Long-lasting and won’t break
  • Available in different quantity
  • No harmful chemical
  • Rich in chondroitin and glucosamine


  • A bit costly

8. Pawstruck (Premium Rawhide Dental Bones for Dogs in 2022)

Type: Rawhide stick |  Size: 5-6 inches | Flavor: Peanut Butter, Cheese, Bacon, Beef | Available in: Pack of 3, 10, 25, and 50

This product is one step further, as these aren’t the only rawhide bones but also come with different flavors. You can choose from beef, bacon, cheese, or peanut butter flavors that suits most to your dog. Additionally, these bones are available in different sizes and quantities.

Just like our previous bones, these are also safe and effective in cleaning teeth as they last longer. Moreover, there is no any type of harmful chemical used. Whether you want to remove the tartar from your teeth or make them busy, these highly nutritious and filled rawhide bones might be the best option.

Indeed, these are the most expensive rawhide bones, but if you’re looking for a product with top health benefits, you can consider them.

View at Amazon


  • Come in different sizes and quantities
  • Available with several flavors
  • Safe and effective treats for your dog
  • Highly nutritious and healthier
  • No harmful chemicals


  • Comparatively expensive

Best Bones for Dogs Teeth and Breath in 2022

I hope this article would help to choose the best dental bones for your dogs. If your dog doesn’t like a brush or any stuff related to the cleaning teeth which most dogs don’t, the bones are probably the best option here. Bones are the natural and effective way of cleaning dog teeth if you choose the right size and type. Above all, to ensure safety, you should only feed bone to your dog when you’re at home.

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