6 Best Robot Vacuum for Dog Fur – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Now, we’ve all seen the funny videos of cats riding on robot vacuums and secretly wanted one for ourselves. To be able to put your feet up while the little thing does all the cleaning for you, that’s the dream, isn’t it? But when it comes down to it, are these things really worth the cost, and which one is the best robot vacuum for dog fur?

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best robot vacuum for dog fur

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We’ve compiled a list and handy buyers guide so you can find a robot vacuum that’s perfect for your pets, home, and your budget.

Best Robot Vacuum for Dog Hair in 2022

How can a robot vacuum help you?

There are multiple reasons why you might choose a robot vacuum in your home. The most obvious being that you can put your feet up and have a cup of coffee while the little thing does all the work for you. But there are other benefits. Not only will the robot vacuum do all the work for you, but they can also be programmed to do the cleaning while you are asleep or out at work, making the best use of your time. Some will even mop your floors for you too!

If convenience isn’t a massive priority for you, these babies also take up a lot less space leaving storage areas free for more toys or treats that your pooch will be happy about! And there’s no more dragging heavy vacuum cleaners about the house, then searching for the right attachment for the specific area you want to clean.

What to consider when buying a robot vacuum?

Of course, whenever you’re choosing to invest in something for your home, particularly when they carry such a high price tag, there are a few things to think about before making your purchase.

First of all, you need to consider your technological know-how. Are you not very tech-savvy? Does the thought of programming a cleaning routine make you shudder with fear? Or do you love exploring new apps and playing with new tech to customize it to your own needs? Looking at all the different bells and whistles on your robot vacuum will help you to determine whether or not that particular vacuum is for you.

Besides the technological aspects, there’s also the power to think about, especially when you’re talking about what robot vacuum is best for dog fur. The power of a robot vacuum is typically referred to as PA, and the higher the PA, the more powerful the vacuum.

Battery life is another essential feature to note. You don’t want to invest in a vacuum that will run out of battery before it’s even finished a room. Make sure that you choose a vacuum that will suit the size of your home.

General FAQs about robot vacuums for dog fur.

Can you use a robot vacuum if you’re allergic to pet hair?

Absolutely, in fact, there are quite a few robot vacuums that include a nifty little feature called a HEPA filter that means it filters the air and gets rid of allergens as it cleans your space. So it’s worth looking at these if you or a family member suffer from pet hair allergies.

Can you use robot vacuums for dog mess?

Likely no. Generally, robot vacuums follow their programmed cleaning schedule regardless. If there is some poop in the way, they will clean through it, leading to a bit of a mess when you come home from work or get up in the morning. Our recommendation is, if you have a dog that’s still being housetrained, to purchase one with barrier strips to stop it from cleaning the areas your dog usually “goes” in, or to have it scheduled to clean at a time when you can make sure there are no nasty surprises.

Are robot vacuums as good as upright vacuums?

Based on the model, they match or surpass some upright vacuums in terms of cleaning capabilities from what we’ve observed. That, combined with all the other benefits of having a robot vacuum, makes some of these models blow upright vacuums out of the water. However, that is only some models. Your robot vacuum’s power and cleaning capability is something you need to think about when it comes to choosing one that’s right for your needs.

Are robot vacuums easy to use?

Again, this all depends on the model you’re looking at and how tech-savvy you are. If you’re generally a technophile and love playing with gadgets, then you’ll find even the more complex models to be a lot of fun to play with. However, if you’re only familiar with your smartphone and your TV in terms of tech, you’ll want to go with one of the more simple models with fewer added features.


Best robot vacuum for dog hair at a glance



  • Suction Power: 1800Pa
  • Other Features: Automatic charging, multiple modes, and app + remote
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  • Suction Power: 3000Pa
  • Other Features: Self charging, multiple modes, app + remote, powerful suction, boundary,  and Google & Alexa compatible
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  • Suction Power: 2700Pa
  • Other Features: Self charging, multiple modes, app, good suction power, and low noise
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  • Suction Power: 2000Pa
  • Other Features: Self charging, multiple modes, remote, good suction, and boundary
View at Amazon



  • Suction Power: N/A
  • Other Features: Auto charging, multiple modes, adaptive navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Google & Alexa compatible
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  • Suction Power: N/A
  • Other Features: Auto charging, auto dirt disposal, anti-allergen system, exceptional suction power, multiple modes, adaptive navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Google & Alexa compatible
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The Best Robot Vacuums for Dog Fur – Our Recommendations

1. IIooIIus (Cheapest Robot Vacuum for Dog Hair in 2022)

Suction Power: 1800Pa | Other Features: Automatic charging, multiple modes, and app + remote

We kick these reviews off with the cheapest robot vacuum on our list, the Iloollus D2-001. Standing at just 3 inches tall, this little bot is the most inexpensive robot vacuum for dog fur that we’ve reviewed. Yet don’t think that just because it is low in price, it means that it’s short on features. This little baby packs in many of the features you’d find in one of the more high-end models for a fraction of the price. So, let’s take a closer look at what you get with this robot vacuum and how it stands up against the others in your pet home.

The Iloollus D2-001 is compact and easy to use. It connects easily to the Wi-Fi, meaning that you can use either the provided remote, the app on your smartphone, or even, if you wanted to get really technical, through your Amazon Alexa. Yes, that’s right, you can tell your robot vacuum when to clean with your voice.

There are multiple modes for the vacuum, including auto, edge cleaning, spot cleaning, and manual, allowing you to use your vacuum to fit your needs. The battery life is pretty good, too, giving you around 110 minutes of cleaning time, and the robot will recognize when the battery is running low and automatically return home in order to charge.

Overall, the Iloollus is pretty quiet, running at around 60-65DB. It is equipped with a smart memory chip, making it aware of what’s going on around it, which improves its cleaning efficiency by about 32%. It includes a HEPA for filtering out all the nasties, perfect for anyone who is allergic to dog fur, which is washable along with the 600ml dustbin.

Now, the one question we all want to know is, how does it perform with dog fur? Well, its suction power sits at 1500PA, which is pretty strong for such an inexpensive unit, but it’s a lot slower than the more expensive options on the list. You’ll find that it cleans pretty well.

However, the dustbin gets full pretty quickly, so you’ll find that you’ll need to empty it quite often if you want the vacuum to continue cleaning effectively, especially if you have more than one pet or pets with longer fur. Longer fur can get easily caught in the brushes too, and so those will need to be tended to and cleaned regularly as well.

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  • A lot of the features of higher-end units for a fraction of the price.
  • HEPA for filtering out allergens.
  • Long battery life with automatic charging feature.


  • Small dustbin needs emptying often.
  • Long fur will get tangled in the brushes.
  • Not as powerful as the more expensive units.

2. Proscenic 850T (Best Robot Vacuum for Dog’s Hair in 2022)

Suction Power: 3000Pa | Other Features: Self-charging, multiple modes, app + remote, powerful suction, boundary,  and Google & Alexa compatible

The Proscenic 850T is such a smart little unit. It’s our absolute favorite out of the various units we tested. It is a super-powerful suction vacuum at 3000PA, with a brushless motor, meaning you won’t need to be cleaning dog fur out of the brushes every other day. Packed with multiple different features that help you always keep your pet home fresh and clean, let’s have a look at what the Proscenic 850T offers.

First of all, the unit is pretty small, measuring just 2.87 inches tall it should fit underneath your furniture with ease, getting to all those hard to reach places that upright vacs just can’t. As we mentioned, it is a powerful unit with 3000PA suction power; however, it only has a 500ml dustbin, which is even smaller than the Iloollus D2-001. So, you’ll find yourself needing to empty the dustbin quite often for it to keep cleaning efficiently.

Again, the Proscenic 850T is controllable by remote, but it also features an app that allows you to set up cleaning schedules, start and stop cleaning, and switch cleaning modes easily. There’s also Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration for those who want to take their cleaning to the next level. The bundle also includes magnetic tape, which allows you to set up boundaries for your unit, letting you control where you want it to clean.

There’s also another great feature dog owners will love too; it includes 3-in-1 cleaning, which means this handy little thing will also mop your floors for you. You can set the unit to simply vacuum, vacuum and mop simultaneously, or just mop your hard floors. This is excellent for all those muddy paw prints after a walk.

The battery life is fairly decent, giving you around 90-120 minutes of cleaning time per charge. As with most models, it includes an automatic charging feature and will find its way home when the battery becomes low. The Proscenic 850T also includes a feature that recognizes the difference between carpets and hard flooring and will adjust the cleaning process to accommodate. Perfect for hard floors with rugs or use in multiple rooms throughout the home.

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  • Excellent suction power for this price point.
  • Magnetic tape for boundary setting.
  • Mopping function.
  • Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant integration.
  • Small enough to fit underneath most furniture.
  • Brushless motor.


  • Small dustbin will need emptying often.
  • No HEPA

3. Onson J30PRO (Best Alternative Robot Vacuum)

Suction Power: 2700Pa | Other Features: Self charging, multiple modes, app, good suction power, and low noise

The Onson J30PRO is a powerful unit packed with multiple features and has impressive battery life, but how does it compare with other models to combat dog fur? Let’s take a look at what you get for your money.

First of all, the J30PRO is another unit that boasts a mopping feature. This unit’s mop can be customized to fit the needs of your home or floor surface, which is great for dog owners with multiple flooring types throughout their home. The unit also has a 360° cleaning that sweeps into the corners and other hard to reach places to make sure it collects the dog fur from all over your home, especially with the pretty powerful 2700PA suction.

This unit has an app that allows you to control the robot vacuum from your smartphone smoothly. The multiple cleaning modes can be controlled from the app as well as scheduling, the mop feature, and various other things meaning you can have access to all the unit features in one place. Alternatively, you can use the remote provided.

The battery life on the Onson J30PRO is very impressive. With a run time of up to 270 minutes, you know that this unit will be able to clean even the bigger homes in a single charge. It also comes with an automatic charging feature, like the other models we’ve seen so far, and will take itself back home in order to recharge when it is low on battery.

Other amazing features with the Onson J30PRO include multi-level mapping, where the unit will be able to create an accurate map of your home for more efficient cleaning and fewer issues with it getting stuck. And there’s also selective cleaning where you’re able to choose from the map of your home which rooms you’d like the robot to clean and at what time.

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  • Amazing battery life.
  • Packed full of features like multi-level mapping and selective cleaning modes.
  • Mop feature included.
  • 360° cleaning for hard to reach areas.


  • Needs Wi-Fi.
  • Not as powerful as some of the cheaper models.
  • No Alexa or Google Assistant integration.
  • No HEPA.

4. Bagotte (Another Great Vacuum for Dog Fur with Powerful Suction)

Suction Power: 2000Pa | Other Features: Self charging, multiple modes, remote, good suction, and boundary

The Bagotte Robot Vacuum is a pretty small unit at only 2.7 inches tall, making it perfect for getting underneath the furniture where dog fur always loves to collect. The suction is fairly powerful at 2000PA; though not as powerful as a lot of the options on this list, it is very quiet, boasting just 55DB in auto mode. The unit does get louder when used in the max suction mode but still only reaches about 60DB or so. This makes it still quieter than a lot of the other vacuums on this list.

This unit includes wonderful little features like anti-fall, object detection, and smart navigation. This means that it won’t tumble down any stairs or get stuck so easily. The Bagotte also includes up to six different cleaning modes, including scheduled, auto, edge, spot, and more.

The battery life is probably not as good as you would want. At only 100 minutes per charge, you might want to consider a different unit if you have a bigger house or you’re looking for a robot vacuum that covers a larger area. It does, however, include an auto-charge feature like the other vacuums in the list, where it will return home automatically when it realizes it’s low on power.

One big advantage to this unit is that it does come with a HEPA filter. So, this will be something to consider if you or one of your family members suffers from pet hair allergies. This is also another unit that comes with magnetic strips so that you can set boundaries for where you want this robot to clean.

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  • Very quiet unit.
  • HEPA filter included.
  • Magnetic boundary strips.
  • Anti-fall and object detection.


  • Short battery life.
  • Not as powerful as other units on this list.
  • No Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa integration.
  • No app for customization.

5. iRobot Roomba 675 (Best Value Vacuum for Dog Hair in 2022)

Suction Power: N/A | Other Features: Auto charging, multiple modes, adaptive navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Google & Alexa compatible

This is the first of two robot vacuums we’ve included on this list for dog fur. We honestly believe that this unit packs the most bang for your buck. It comes with a lot of features and amazing cleaning quality for a pretty low price.

First off, the Roomba 675 offers multiple different cleaning modes to keep your home clean and dust-free. The unit utilizes a three-step cleaning mode that allows it to loosen the dirt, lift it, and finally suck it up into the dustbin for a more efficient clean. If that wasn’t enough, the Roomba 675 also comes with dirt detection sensors that monitor things like the high-traffic areas of your home, and it will clean more thoroughly over these areas.

Of course, with a brand name, the Roomba 675 comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, meaning you can use voice commands to tell your robot to clean. There’s also a great app for your smartphone which allows you to set up cleaning schedules and various other things. The unit also features adaptive navigation making it map your home for better cleaning efficiency.

Another amazing feature of the Roomba 675 is that it learns your habits and lifestyle and will suggest cleaning schedules for you, including more cleans during shedding season, which is perfect for keeping up with cleaning dog fur. However, there’s little wonder that the battery life leaves a little much to be desired, lasting only 90minutes on a cleaning cycle. Although it does feature the automatic charging function, it doesn’t live up to the battery life of some of the other, lower-priced units available.

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  • Packed with lots of features.
  • Three-step cleaning mode for a more thorough clean.
  • Monitors shedding season and suggests extra cleans for these times.
  • Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant integration.
  • Adaptive navigation.
  • Dirt detectors for a more thorough clean in high-traffic areas.


  • Battery life is quite short.
  • Suction power is lower than some cheaper models.

6. iRobot Roomba S9+ (Premium Quality Robot Vaccum for Dog Fur)

Suction Power: N/A | Other Features: Auto charging, auto dirt disposal, anti-allergen system, exceptional suction power, multiple modes, adaptive navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Google & Alexa compatible

The iRobot Roomba S9+ is the most expensive option on our list, but we firmly believe that if you have the money to spend on a premium robot vacuum for dog fur, this is the one you should choose.

First of all, let’s talk about the feature that sets the Roomba S9+ apart from all the other robot vacuums on our list, the automatic emptying system. When the unit returns to base, it automatically empties into a bag that holds around 60 days’ worth of dirt. This means that you won’t need to be emptying a tiny dustbin every day. The filtration system is also worth noting here, too as it claims to filter up to 99% of pet hair allergens, which is perfect for dog fur.

The rubber brushes make for an even better result when cleaning in a dog home as the hair won’t get stuck in the bristles, allowing for an effective clean every time. The suction power with this unit is also excellent; this increases depending on the depth of the carpet pile so that it can get to those deep, hard to reach places. It also includes edge and corner cleaning getting into areas where other robot vacuums usually can’t.

The Roomba S9+ maps your home and remembers which room is which so that you can personalize the cleaning schedule for your needs. You can also program it to avoid certain objects by setting no-go zones so that you won’t find them stuck in places or damaging any of your priceless antiques. Another impressive little gimmick this unit has is in the moment cleaning. You can simply tell it, via your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, to clean under the table, and it will come and clean up your crumbs and return to base. It will also suggest customized cleaning schedules for you based on your lifestyle and habits, including extra cleans during shedding season, as we saw on the other unit from this brand.

The battery life is pretty good with this, but what’s even better is it will return to base on low power, charge itself, and resume cleaning where it left off from, meaning you don’t need to prompt it, just let it do its thing. And for those who may prefer their carpet pile to look a certain way after vacuuming, the S9+ will clean in neat rows rather than just ping-pong around your room.

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  • Adaptive cleaning.
  • Home mapping.
  • Ability to set no-go zones.
  • The anti-allergen system filters out 99% of pet hair allergens.
  • Corner and edge cleaning technology.
  • Suggests extra cleans during shedding season.
  • Resumes cleaning schedule after charging when low on power.
  • Automatic emptying.


  • Higher price range.
  • Doesn’t come with a mop feature built-in.

Top Rated Robot Vacuum in 2022 for Dog Fur

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