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To keep your dog healthy and happy, you need to play with them often. When dogs are young, they have a lot of energy. That is why they are so playful. Playing games like fetch help with bonding between the dog and pet parent. There is no difference when playing games with small dogs. You only need to downsize the toys’ size. They can still play Frisbee very well, and you can even play inside the house with them.

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best frisbee for small dogs

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Small dogs are not likely to cause as much damage compared to playing with larger dogs in the house. Dogs love playing games like fetch with tennis balls and other toys, so introducing frisbees to them will be easy. When playing with small dogs, you should do soft and short throws. If you’re planning to buy the best frisbee for your small dog, here are some to consider first.

Best Frisbee Disk for Small Dogs in 2022

Factors to Consider Before Buying Frisbee for Small Dogs.​

Getting the right Frisbee that your little puppy will enjoy playing with is not easy. With many different options to choose from, there is more to consider than just the price and materials used to make the Frisbee. Dogs also have personal preferences based on color, size, and types of games they enjoy playing. Some dogs are very picky, but you can make some general considerations before choosing the right one for them.


It would be best if you chose a smaller frisbee for small dogs that will be comfortable for them to grip with their mouth. It will be much easier for them to retrieve the Frisbee no matter where you throw it. You also don’t want a frisbee that will easily slip from their mouth.

Today, modern frisbees feature grooves that make it easier for your dog to latch on too quickly. Soft frisbees are also gentle on your dog’s teeth without harming them. The Frisbee shouldn’t be too small either that your dog might swallow. Make sure to check the size of your dog’s mouth so that the Frisbee will be comfortable for your dog.

Flight Characteristics

Although rigid frisbees fly very well, you might not need such a robust frisbee when you are just playing with your small dog. Playing Frisbee with your dog should not only be fun but help them exercise through jumping and running after the Frisbee.

With a good quality frisbee, your dog will have an easy time catching it with its mouth and playing with it. A heavy frisbee does not have good flight characteristics and could drop immediately you toss it. It should be able to glide effortlessly through the air when you throw it.


Getting a good quality frisbee for your small dog will save time and money because it will last longer. If your small dog is a chewer, a durable frisbee disc would be ideal for them. Try training your dog not to destroy their toys so that they can play with them for years.

The Frisbee you settle on should be made of long-lasting material to avoid buying more in the same year. For medium and large breeds, some frisbees may not be able to withstand rough playing and could tear.

Different Types of Frisbees Discs for Small Dogs.

You have to consider whether you will get your dog a hard or soft frisbee. Both these frisbees are great for playing with dogs. They both have their benefits and drawbacks. Do you need a very light frisbee or a more durable one and risk hurting your dog or other people?

Hard Frisbee discs

These frisbees are stiff and rigid, but they can glide through the air for longer distances. If you are playing frisbees seriously, these are the type to get. Although this is great, they put other people and your dog at the risk of getting severe injuries. With the rigid build and momentum, it carries it can cause serious harm. This type of Frisbee can glide for longer, and you can easily throw them with accuracy.

Soft Frisbee Discs

Getting a soft frisbee disc is an excellent option because they are more friendly to use with small dogs. It reduces the chances of injury and is gentler on your dog’s mouth. If these frisbees happen to hit anyone, it won’t cause severe damage than hard frisbee discs. These types of frisbees are readily available and more affordable compared to hard frisbee discs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Frisbee bad for dogs?

Frisbees are safe for dogs to play with as long as you are playing with them. Some dogs do not have strong enough teeth to handle plastic frisbees. Playing Frisbee with your dog can be risky due to joint injuries like lumbar back pain and disc disease.

How can I teach my little dog to catch a frisbee?

If you want to start playing Frisbee with your pet, some outdoor lessons might work. Take your pet outside and toss the flying disc from a short distance for them to catch. Make sure to treat and praise them when they return the Frisbee to you.

What is the best Frisbee for dogs?

The best Frisbee for your dog depends on their size and preferences. They should be able to play with it comfortably without it causing any harm to them. Small-sized frisbees are suitable for smaller dog breeds. It would help if you also considered the Frisbee’s durability to play with for years to come.

Can all dogs catch a Frisbee?

No. Not all dogs can excel at playing fetch or catching a frisbee. It can be risky for senior dogs and those with physical or health injuries. Other dogs may not be interested in playing fetch and ignore the flying discs after a few hours of playing fetch.

Why do dogs love Frisbees?

Dogs have fun when they are playing with wide objects. The design of frisbees makes it enjoyable for dogs to catch mid-air as it glides through the air. Dogs find frisbees fun to play with for long periods. Playing games like fetch and Frisbee are suitable for your dog’s health.


Best frisbee for small dogs at a glance



Features: lightweight, easy clean, and chew-resistant View at Amazon


Most Versatile

Features: soft, flexible, lightweight, and feed water View at Amazon

Hyper Pet


Features: lightweight, buoyant, and long-lasting View at Amazon
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West Paw

Higher Flying

Features: high flying aerodynamic design, floatable, lightweight, and dishwasher safe View at Amazon
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Nerf Dog


Features: weather-resistant, and lightweight View at Amazon

Best Dog Toys

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1. UpDog (Best Chew Resistant Frisbee for Small Dogs)

Features: lightweight, easy clean, and chew-resistant

This six-inch flying disc only weighs 0.2 pounds to be fun and lightweight for playing with small dogs. It is flexible and safe for dogs to play with inside the house and outdoors. When you are playing with small dogs, you can have fun indoors without risking any home damage.

This Frisbee is extra tough and chew-resistant to last long. You will have an easy time cleaning this flying disc, and it doesn’t have a chemical scent either. You can also choose from mint and peanut butter colors and flavors. The bright colors also make this Frisbee resist fading and retain its original appearance.

View at Amazon


  • This Frisbee is safe for indoor and outdoor play.
  • The UpDog frisbee is easy to clean and dishwasher safe too.
  • There is no chemical scent with this Frisbee, which makes it more pleasant for dogs.
  • It is optimized for long-distance throws and stability while throwing.
  • This toy is durable and chew-resistant for small dogs.


  • It is not suitable for large dog breeds.

2. StoryStore (Most Versatile Frisbee for Little Dogs)

Features: soft, flexible, lightweight, and feed water

This rubber-soft dog frisbee is a great toy for playing fetch with your dog. With a diameter of 8.7inches, it is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. The rubber material makes it safe and non-toxic for dogs. Rubber is also flexible and convenient for more extended periods of use.

The design is versatile for different kinds of games. It smoothly glides and floats on water. Your dog can have some fun fetching in the water with this Frisbee. With this Frisbee’s design, you can feed and drink your dogs because of how easily it holds water and food. The lightweight nature of this Frisbee makes it very portable for outdoor fun with your dog.

View at Amazon


  • The non-slip design of the Frisbee makes it easy for dogs to bite.
  • The natural-rubber Frisbee is flexible and soft.
  • It is safe and non-toxic so that it won’t hurt your dog’s teeth.
  • Suitable for daily exercise and bonding with your dog.


  • It is not suitable as a chew toy for dogs.

3. Hyper Pet (Another Great Option for Interactive Play)

Features: lightweight, buoyant, and long-lasting

This flying dog frisbee is excellent for playing fetch with dogs. It is safe for their teeth and floats on water for having fun outdoors. This Frisbee is the ideal solution if your dog needs more exercise, fitness, or training. The durable design of this Frisbee makes it suitable for long-lasting outdoor use.

This Frisbee is lightweight to float on the water quickly. The product materials are safe and non-toxic for your pets. It is buoyant, which allows you to throw for longer distances and interactively play with dogs in the swimming pool or at the beach. The fun color is excellent for spotting when hidden in the bushes.

View at Amazon
View at Chewy


  • The Frisbee is lightweight for long-distance throwing.
  • The durable and multilayer design ensures it lasts longer.
  • It is safe for your dog’s teeth.
  • The bright color makes this Frisbee easily identifiable.
  • This Frisbee floats in water for interactive playing at the beach or swimming pool.


  • It is not suitable for heavy chewers that might destroy the toy.

4. West Paw (Best High Flying Frisbee for Various Games)

Features: high flying aerodynamic design, floatable, lightweight, and dishwasher safe

Get this high-flying dog frisbee for fun games with your pet. You can take this small size Frisbee that is fitting for your little dog to enjoy. The aerodynamic design of this Frisbee allows for various fun activities with your dog. It has curved edges that make it easy to grip for small dogs.

This Frisbee is floatable and soft for playing fetch with your dog. The lightweight nature makes portability easier, and you can throw it further. The pliable material makes this toy soft on your hands and dog’s mouths. It is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean to have fun with again.

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View at Chewy


  • This Frisbee floats on water for playing in the swimming pool or at the beach.
  • The Frisbee is versatile to act like a dog bowl for water and food for the dog.
  • It is lightweight for long-distance throws and easier portability.
  • This Frisbee’s soft material doesn’t harm your hands on the dog’s mouth.


  • It is not an indestructible dog toy.

5. Nerf Dog (Most Lightweight Frisbee for Small Dogs)

Features: weather-resistant, and lightweight

This Frisbee is the perfect dog toy for teaching your dog new tricks. This Frisbee’s shape is ideal for throwing with a durable body to last you hours of fun. It is durable and weather-resistant for fun and interactive games with your dog. This Frisbee is also versatile for you to play tug of war without breaking.

This Frisbee is suitable for different breeds with a 9-inch diameter for small and medium dogs. Weighing only 0.27 pounds, this Frisbee is the perfect weight for playing fetch. This toy safe to ensure hours of endless fun with your dog. It is non-toxic too.

View at Amazon


  • It floats on water for you to have fun with at the beach or in the swimming pool.
  • This Frisbee is made of durable materials to last you for long periods.
  • The Frisbee is light enough for tossing while playing fetch.
  • It is suitable for different breeds of dogs.


  • It is not suitable for heavy chewers.

Best Toss Toys for Small Dogs in 2022

When it comes to finding the perfect Frisbee for your small dog, there is a lot to consider, from the type of Frisbee to your dog’s personal preference. For small dogs, you should get a frisbee that is lightweight and fits comfortably in your dog’s mouth when they retrieve it.

These frisbees are floatable, soft, and double-up as dog bowls, making them perfect for outdoor and indoor games. To enjoy hours of endless fun with your dog, choose one of the frisbees listed above.

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