Why Does a Dog Shake Its Body? Is This a Time to Visit a Vet?

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We love how our pups respond to our commands “shake” or “paw” because they make it so adorable, but when it comes to shaking their whole body more often, it makes us a bit worried and sometimes confused about when it’s the right time to go to the vet! Ever wondered why a dog shakes their whole body? Let’s dive into the list of considerations that must click in our minds whenever our furry friends are shaky.

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Despite being all cute, there could be several reasons your pup is displaying these reactions.


Cold can be the number 1 reason for your cute little muffin shaking his whole body because sometimes just a towel or even massive skin cannot help them feel warm and comfortable. For that very reason, they shake their entire body to produce optimum heat and energy!

WHAT I SHOULD DO: you can ease them by making a nice warm and cozy place right in front or near your heating source for your pup so they can rest and be warm enough!


You must have encountered your cute pups shaking their body after taking a shower or even in hot summers; that’s their way to spray water off from their body and this, surprisingly, is a very efficient way for them to blow dry themselves. It works way better them several attempts of the towel dry.

There is nothing to be worried about as it’s their natural habitat.


If you see your dog rolling down on the floor when any of your new friends come over, it’s the stress that some of the dogs may experience when meeting strangers. It’s their way to show that they are a bit stressed and want your attention.

Even a loud environment sometimes can be a cause of their stress, and they shake their body to compensate for that.     In such cases, Therapeutic toys can mask their previous stress.

It’s almost in every breed to feel the emotional pain when being away from their owners, it’s called Separation anxiety, and they show that shaking them more often can be accompanied by loss of appetite or sleeping patterns.     


If you are rushing towards them every time they shake, they might get a hint of using that to get your attention whenever they want you, and BOOM! They will shake it to be the center of your attention all the time. Observe carefully, and if that’s the case, it’s time to ignore them for some time to change the previously learned behavior.


It’s common to tremble normally with age. Make sure that it’s only their weak legs that are making them shaky.

You might need to observe the pattern just to avoid any serious disease or pain while they tremble; in case you feel that they are experiencing pain while shaking, it’s a good time to visit your vet ASAP.


Shaking the whole body can also be termed as a doggy claiming mechanism that they use to translate their message to you. Ever noticed your dog shaking his body after you pet them? It’s because they don’t like being touched or picked, and it’s common. Some pets don’t like to be touched so often that they shake their body in response to being cuddled.

Avoid doing that, instead, pet them only when they come near you or want their meal. They might get used to it and stop getting irritated.


Dogs shake their body when sleeping, and it’s because they are dreaming. It is common for dogs to shake their body while dreaming; there is nothing to be worried about this. Let them continue with their dreams to avoid any harm.


Just like the reasons mentioned above, not every time the sign of shaking their body leads to a positive outcome. Abnormal behavior and change in shaking patterns can also be an indication of ;


All the breeds of dogs are prone to ear infections, and they can get infected easily . excessive head shaking is the major symptom of ear infection as they do it for temporary relief from the itching.

You can easily observe it by gently taking a peek at your pup’s ear to see if they appear red or swollen from the inside  Call vet or pay a visit to get rid of it.


Some of the daily used items like chocolates and cigarettes can deteriorate their health by acting as a poison for them. Having a good study of the toxins that affect your pup’s health can save you from any serious threat. Observe the overall situation and remove the potential hazards away from their reach.


Disorders like epilepsy, dog falling, and paddling are common among dogs and can affect their mobility causing major leg injuries. You can easily observe them by taking a peek into the way they shake or walk. If the pattern is abrupt and they knock their legs with the objects, it’s most probably because of the pain they are experiencing.

Get them checked by a vet as soon as possible to avoid further injuries.


Also known as Shaker syndrome or generalized tremor syndrome can be a major threat if your dog is shaking his body more than usual. But don’t worry! They can easily be noticed by observing the repetitive or involuntary shaking of any part of the whole body. Contact your vet and get your furry friend checked on noticing such symptoms.


Nausea can be very common yet a bit tricky to recognize when it irritates your pet. Here is how you can identify that it’s nausea that sets your pup in shaky mode.

  • Excessive salivating than normal
  • Swallowing without chewing
  • Smacking lips more frequently.
  • Excessive licking
  • Restlessness.

All of the above-mentioned symptoms, when accompanied by shaking, are a big red alert to set an appointment with your vet.


Here are some more signs and symptoms that need your attention to book an appointment with to vet.

  • Nose and eye discharge
  • Fatigue/lethargy  
  • Vomiting
  • Reduced appetite
  • High body temperature.
  • Lack of energy

How to prevent shaking in Dogs

You can only stop them from shaking their body if the cause is something that needs to be checked and altered. If not, you have to live with that as not all the shaking patterns are abnormal and can be part of their new learned behavior. It can be purely out of excitement sometimes or maybe because of you getting away from them.   

How to calm a shaking dog

Nobody understands your pet more than you do!

Even your soft and calm tone can make them relaxed.

Try to remove all the potential triggers from their environment or their intake so you both can live in a peaceful environment.

You can get the help of therapeutic toys available online and in stores to reduce stress and anxiety.

Taking care of their diet and sleeping patterns would help you big time in maintaining their health and safety.

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