How to Make My Dog Fall Asleep? Causes and Solutions

by: Two Dog Zoo

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So you’re a dog parent who is struggling to get their dog to take a nap? Well, we feel your pain. The struggle is real, but there are many ways to help pups like yours get some shuteye.

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That’s why we’ve put together this post all about how dog parents can get their pups some much-needed shuteye. But before that, let’s talk about some common reasons why dogs don’t sleep. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Why Won’t My Dog Sleep?

Like many other animals, dogs also follow a polyphasic sleep cycle. It means they sleep multiple times in the day. According to a study, adult dogs sleep 12-14 hours daily. It means that if they sleep much in the daytime, they can’t sleep for 8 hours at night. The other reasons that can lead to the dreaded “Insomniac Dog” scenario are as follows:


One of the most common reasons dogs act like they have insomnia is because they’re bored. They need something to occupy their mind. They need to exercise and be stimulated by activity or the environment. If they’re bored, you can bet that they’re going to develop a sleep disorder.


Dogs will instinctively try to hide any signs of pain from their owners. So if your dog is in pain, it’s likely that they’re going to try to keep it hidden from you. It’s also expected that they’re going to stay up later in the hopes of avoiding the pain.


No matter how trained your dog is, they’re still likely to get excited, especially on days where you might be getting visitors or if you happen to bring home some new toys. Dogs are inquisitive and easily distract them from taking a nap.


Dogs are susceptible to noises. They can hear high-frequency sounds that we humans can’t even hear. So if your dog happens to be sleeping and there’s a noise that wakes them, they’re going to jump up and go run up the noise.

Change in Environment

If you recently adopted your dog from a shelter, the change in an environment likely makes them stressed. Dogs are susceptible to change, so if you suddenly have more room to move around and play, then they’ll most likely be pretty active and alert.

Now that you know why your dog doesn’t sleep, it’s time to learn how you can help them get some much-needed rest.

How to Make My Dog Fall Asleep?

Here are a few of the strategies to make your dog sleep at night:

1- Exercise Your Dog to Help Her Sleep

Exercise your dog before bedtime so that she’s tired out (but not too tired). It is probably the most crucial advice that can help a dog sleep. Don’t push her too much, though. You want to keep her energy level just right.

2- Find A Tranquil Environment to Help them Sleep

Dog owners don’t realize that their dogs can have stress. Yes, our dogs can have anxiety too. So we must consider their anxiety in the environment they’re sleeping in. If your dog is sleeping inside, make sure you keep the noise to a minimum. Also, it’s best to provide a relaxing environment for your dog and not an active one.

3- Teach Your Dog to Relax

You can help your dogs sleep by teaching them how to relax. It’s pretty simple. Just sit down with your dog and get them to lay down on the floor or carpet. You can either kneel or sit down in front of your dog and get them to lay their head in your lap. Once they’re comfortable, you can proceed by giving them a relaxing massage. While massaging their neck and head, you can talk calmly and soothingly to help your dog release any stress that they might have.

4- Give Your Dog a Quiet Place to Sleep

If you want your dog to sleep well, you need to give her a tranquil place to rest. That’s why it’s best to train your dog and housebreak her in the right area. Dogs sleeping in high places tend to sleep better than those sleeping on the floor. Also, if you’re planning on moving away with your dog, then it’s best if you teach them how to sleep in their crate so they can adjust better. Also, get them a proper dog bed to sleep peacefully.

5- Give them Chew Toys to Help Relax and Sleep

Dogs love to chew, especially dogs that are nervous or anxious. If your dog is having trouble sleeping, it’s best to give him some chew toys. You can get them from the pet store or Amazon. They’re highly recommended, and they help your dog relax and calm down. Just make sure you don’t give them any toys with small parts inside. That can be a choking hazard for your dog.

6- Put on some Calming Music

You can help your dog to relax by putting on some relaxing music. Some dogs even love to go into the bathroom and listen to music while taking a dump. So it’s an excellent way for them to relax when they have a lot of energy. Just be careful about the type of music that you use!

7- Don’t share your bed

According to the studies, almost 63% of the pet owners experience poor sleep if they share their bed with their canine friends because dogs can move and make noises while they are sleeping, which can cause disturbance in their sleep cycle. At the same time, if you turn or toss too much in your sleep, it is difficult for your little canine friend to fall asleep. So, getting their dog bed sounds like a great deal.

8- Check if your dog has Medical Conditions

If you want your dog to sleep well, you should get the vet checked. Ensure that your pet is healthy and nothing else is bothering them. Here are a few of the ailments that can cause insomnia for your dog:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive scratching or licking of the paws or skin.
  • Weakness, unusual fatigue, behavior changes, etc.

If your dog is still struggling to sleep, stress can also be the reason. So, to have your dog sleep well, you should get proper supplements by contacting your vet so they can sleep peacefully.

Final Verdict

Dogs are amazing animals. They hold a special place in our hearts, and they’re loyal to us. We must ensure they get enough sleep every day to live healthy lives. But it’s crucial that you also remember that dogs are still dogs and can’t be trusted entirely with your parenting or anything else for that matter. So, always watch them make sure everything is okay!

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