Why My Dog Keeps Shaking Its Head – Is It Serious?

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why dog keeps shaking head

The reason you are here is probably that you have noticed your dog shaking abruptly; let me break this to you. It’s not always water they shake off after a hot bath; it can be as serious as a painful infection or just a parasite lingering in their ear canal.

You will read all the reasons why your dog shakes its head in this article.


There could be both common or simple reasons that don’t need any specific attention or a mandatory trip to the vet; some need attention and proper prescription followed by medication to treat. Some “not to worry” reasons are listed below.

Shaking water off:

we always have noticed our pups shaking their whole body and head after a good shower or right after swimming. But, of course, they also do it whenever they survive any puddle or pod.

It’s their innate behavior to shake the water off from their bodies.

Hushing flies off:

Our pups love to roll in the grass, and right after that, they need it to cleanse themselves for that. They shake their heads off to get rid of the grass remains. They hush flies off from their ears in hot summers that might irritate them. Insects often linger in the ear canal as they find it a safe and warm place to hide.

Allergic response:

Allergic responses are the common cause of head shaking in the body. The reflex action gets initiated when the itching allergy irritates them.

Your pup can be allergic to pollen, dust, or other environmental pollutants.

These are the common causes that don’t need serious medications to treat as they don’t lead to any severe underlying cause.          However, some extreme conditions need to be examined by a vet and treated as soon as they are diagnosed.


Infections: Bacterial or yeast:

Bacterial infections often attack our pup’s ear as they are exposed to the environment, and microbes like bacteria find that place easy and warm to linger.

 Bacterial infections cause severe itching in the ear, which makes our furry friends irritated, resulting in them shaking their heads vigorously to relieve themselves.

Ear mites also cause yeast infections that can lead to itching followed by frequent head-shaking by the pup.

If you ever notice frequent head shaking, observe your dog’s ear flap to see any redness or inflammation; if you notice any, it’s time to contact your vet.

Inflammation in the Ear Canal:

Inflammation is the redness of the ear with mild swelling. It is usually caused by an ear pinna infection (outer part) or bacterial or yeast infection in the Ear canal (inside parts). They cause inflammation in the ear that mimics shaking the head more frequently than usual.

Parasitic Invasion:

Ear mites invade and cause red-smelling discharge from the ear, which indicates the parasitic invasion in the ear of the pup. The release is just like the water oozes out of the ear that irritates our furry friend, and they shade their head to get rid of it.

This invasion also causes severe pain in the ear that can result in our pup being uncomfortable and shaking head to find relief.

Aural Hematoma:

Aural or ear hematoma is a blood blister that develops on the cartilage part of the ear (pinna) or Earflap. The cause of this might be any minor injury that causes the blood vessels to rupture and form a blood-filled blister in the ear. This usually occurs in breeds with floppy ears rather than upright lifted ears. Its diagnosis can be made by observing the ear flaps, and it can easily be visible to the naked eye.

An ear hematoma is also the cause of our dog being paranoid in pain and shaking his head abruptly as a reflex action to ease his pain or irritation.

If you notice any red blister or inflamed mounted area on the pinna, make sure to contact your puppy’s vet as soon as possible to cure it as it might need surgical intervention to get fixed.

Ear Polyps:

According to the pet ear care center, Ear polyps are long-lasting inflammation in the ear that can be internal or external. Mostly the cause of this inflammation is the overproduction of Ear wax due to allergic responses. However, ear polyps can also allow more bacterial and parasitic infections In the ear.

They are also inflamed mounted areas and can cause severe pain and frustration in our pup.

This frustration often results in our pup shaking his head more than usual and for a long time.

All of the conditions mentioned above in the columns of severe conditions need to be assessed as soon as you get diagnosed or noticed. In addition, keeping an excellent observing eye on your pup’s movements and daily schedules will help you take care of your pup more efficiently and effectively. Also, keep an eye on their food patterns to avoid any food allergies or food poisoning.


  • As a dog’s parent, you already know the importance of routine checkups of your dog; if not, you must emphasize the importance and necessity of regular examination of your dear pup to avoid any mishap or health problems.
  • Regular checkups and examinations will save your dog from any such severe health conditions that might lead to more serious ones one after another.
  • Keeping and observing your pup’s activities and movements will help you know them. Then, after you have learned to communicate through signs and gestures, you will quickly address the problem they are facing.
  • On any of the conditions mentioned above, don’t delay the trip to the vet as delay might cause severity in the already existing issue. Your pup’s health should be your priority as they rely on you wholly and solely.


  • This article and mentioned information are entirely for informational and awareness purposes. Please don’t consider it medical advice that you can treat yourself.
  • Don’t go for an early diagnosis. Instead, observe keenly and thoroughly before contacting your vet.
  • Once you are sure about your observations, don’t try to find the solution over any online website, instead seek medical advice from a professional and qualified professional. That will be helpful for your pup’s health.
  • Make sure not to use or buy any medication for your dog from the information you learned from your neighbor, friend, or online websites. Instead, only use medicines that legally qualified, and professional Vets prescribe.

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