How to Make My Dog Like Me More

by: Two Dog Zoo

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how to make my dog like me more

Dogs are one of the most emotional species, and if you want your dog likes you, you have to win his heart first. It is the most common issue with the new dog owners; they struggle to make a bond with their pet. In this post, we are going to talk about how to make my dog like me more. So, let’s get started!

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How to make my dog love me again

1. Be Patient

Most people think that making your dog love, respect, and trust you is a quick process, but it isn’t. It is the same as you make a relationship with a person, it gets better over time, it could take months or even years, not just a few days. However, you have heard that the dog loves unconditionally, but it’s not always true. Rescued dogs are tremendously grateful to their adopters, and they live to please their masters. You have adopted a high sentiment being, not purchased a new and improved instant grateful rescued dog that will like you right away.

2. Protect Your Dog

You have to protect your dog before he protects you; this is where most people get wrong. We have always seen in the movies that dogs are taking down the criminals or saving their owners from mishaps. That’s why we sometimes forget that our dog needs our protection more than we need theirs.

Remember, you’re the only defender and protector or your dog, you have to always stand for him. As a parent of an adorable dog, you’ll encounter many people who want to interact with your dog. If your dog doesn’t like that people touch him, tell people not to contact, don’t hesitate.

3. Give Him His Own Space

First, place your foot inside the dog shoes, what will you think if you have been adopted and taken you to the new house and environment. You will feel worried, undoubtedly that am I safe here or how it will go? The same you can apply to your dog, you have to make him feel safe first. Give him a peaceful place, and don’t allow anyone to disturb him. Make the area comfortable and dog-proofed. A dog crate is the best option in most cases; if you can offer a dog bed or an exercise-pen, it’s also good. You can also provide some chew toys and other fun stuff to make him feel special.

4. Don’t Try to Be a Boss

It is one of the profound myths that you have to rule your dog; excuse me, is it the way that friendship or love goes? If your dog is afraid, you’re even scolding him; this will make things worse. Keep in mind, it’s only you that can make him confident or coward, so treat wisely.

5. Learn What Your Dog Loves

Whether it about digging in the backyard or playing with Frisbee whatever it is, as soon as you know your dog, you’ll discover many things that make him happy. No doubt, some things might not be comfortable for you, but if you want to make a strong bond with your pet, you have to do these things with your dog.

If your pal is a digger, you can make a sandbox for him. Build a flirt pole, play Frisbee with your naughty pet; you’ll slowly make your dog likes you over time.

6. Listen to Your Dog

What will you do if your friend says no to you? Do you take it as a personal insult or worry about that she is trying to dominate you. Nothing, instead you’ll try to understand why she says no. Maybe she’s not well, or she’s busy, or perhaps she doesn’t comprehend what you are asking, and many more. The same goes for the animals; even you have to be more careful with them as they can’t express their thoughts efficiently as us.

If your dog tells you, “No, you have to figure out, why? Maybe he isn’t feeling well, or he didn’t listen even here you. Seldom, due to higher distraction, dogs ignore the insistent calls or even tugs on the leash.

However, if your dog isn’t listening to you while playing with his doggy friend or sniffing his fascinating tree, then he needs some behavior training. I would recommend this incredible video course, which I found so far, you can improve your dog behavior within a few weeks at home.

7. Use Positive Training Methods

The course that I mentioned above is based on the positive training method. With this method, you teach your dog how to behave rather than correct his bad behavior. This way, your dog will start trusting and loving you. You can check out this video course program here.

8. Let Your Puppy Sleep in Your Bedroom

It’s quite a horrifying experience when migrating to a new family after the adoption, and if you can make it comfortable for your dog in any way, you should do it. At least until your dog settles you can allow him to sleep in your bedroom, it will make him feel like a family member.

9. Be Present

If you want to get your dog’s respect and attention, you have to give it first. Remember, friendship or love isn’t a one-way communication; you have to give your 100% attention while when you’re working with your dog, it is simple as that. During the training session, don’t think about your work or other issues, just focus. The dog can also feel that you’re there or not.

10. Walk Together

Going with your dog on a walk regularity can strengthen your connection with him. Let him stop and sniff the flowers or his favorite tree. Make sure, spend quality time together, and keep your dog stay away from some stranger dog or person in this period. Because, if he gets frightened, then what will happen as he doesn’t trust you till now, things can get worse.

11. Fun, Fun, and Fun

If your dog has some behavior problems, I understand your concern regarding his training. But, you have to loosen this up a little bit, spend some time with your dog, and have fun when you’re not worried about teaching him some skills. It is the best way to take a break in training sessions; you can use some toys to make this process more engaging.

Playing these little games can build focus and enthusiasm, which can lead to a great relationship with your pet.

How to Make My Dog Feel Loved

If your dog seems frightened or hesitant around you, focus on improving your relationship. First of all, you have to make your dog feel safe and comfortable in your home. Teach him some new skills with positive reinforcement methods, which will strengthen your bonding with your dog as you’ll spend some quality time with him. Don’t scold your dog, take him on a walk, play with him; over time, the dog will love you. I hope you would find it useful. Thanks for reading, have a great day 🙂

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