How to Make My Dog Friendly With Other Dogs

By: Two Dog Zoo

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how to make my dog friendly with other dogs

A dog owner is walking with his pet calmly along the street, and suddenly his pet spot another dog nearby and gone mad, he started growling, barking or anything that can express his anger. We’ve all seen it somewhere. But, the interesting point, now the dog owner has started behaving strangely, he restrains the dog physically, shouting at him, and even yank him around on his leash. The social pressure is one of a powerful force that controls not only us but also animals. We expect to be totally in control, but the inability to control our dog represents a sign of weakness, and we start to act out of our character.

A moment ago, the dog owner who was dangling his baby is now yelling and yanking his dog in a way that even he will not like if someone does the same in front of him. Now the question is, why people punish their dog so quickly?

Let’s be honest for a moment; as humans, we also don’t like every person that we meet, we often dislike the people that get us in the wrong way. So, it’s also the same for the dogs when we talk about – how to make my dog friendly with other dogs. In this post, we will talk about how you can change your dog behavior and make him more social; it’s one of the essential parts of the dog’s core training skills. So, let’s get started!

What Is the Core Reason Behind This Problem

You would surprise, the majority of dogs exhibit this challenging behavior due to fear of aggression. You can read my full post on – how to make my dog less aggressive here.

There might be several reasons behind it, your dog was not adequately socialized in the critical early weeks, or he has a prior bad experience which has changed his perception about the strange people or dogs, or maybe it’s just his nature.

Your dog is completely natural within the house, but when he comes out, he sees something that scares him. And now because, he is on the leash, so he tries to show his anger with full potential by showing his sharpened teeth or robust growling. Now, you’ve also started yelling at him and yanking him around on the leash. You know, this behavior isn’t going to help even it will make the condition worse. Your dog’s trust will start to diminish on you as you’re frightening him even more.

What would you do when your daughter fear from a spider? If you scold her, it won’t overcome genuine fear, so it is also the same with the dogs.

How Can I Make My Dog More Confident

There are many so-called “professionals” on TV programs who suggest the harsh treatment to change your dog behavior. It isn’t going to be useful here; even you don’t need to treat your dog a bit differently. If you know that your dog is afraid, then your response will automatically change. You don’t need to reprimand him, rather than you have to help him to cope with the situation, which is terrifying him. You don’t need to worry about what people think of you; this is your genuine strength and courage, which will help you to understand your dog.

So, here are some steps that you need to keep in mind next time when you’re taking your dog outside.

Make a Comfortable Distance

Think of other dogs as a spider and save your daughter. If the other dog comes within 30 feet, then get 60 feet away.

Let Your Dog Know That He Never Has to Meet Another Dog or Person Again

As you’ll always move your dog away from strangers, it will strengthen his confidence to the extent that this step can help him to cope with this situation without comment. Now, he can learn to pass other dogs calmly.

Relax Yourself

It’s just not our dog, but we also get into turbo mode when we see anything approaches when walking with the dog. We start to tighten the leash and breathing heavily and show somewhat that we’re also afraid of like our dog. But we have to do just opposite, relax your hand and yourself and say to your pet in a calm voice “let’s go!” and that’s it. Change the direction, and you’ll see a considerable improvement in your dog behavior – he will learn to control his fear.

Don’t Use Any Tight Collars and Gadgets to Control Your Dog

This condition only makes your dog more frightened, don’t use any chain, spikes, or batteries, just use a soft collar or harness, and lose lead. You won’t believe how tremendous effect it could be on your dog, especially if he is scared.

Reward Your Dog

Always carry some tasty treat and when you take your dog outside. Whenever you turn away from the impending threat, whether it’s about 10 feet or 100 feet, give some treats for your dog’s self-control behavior, it will encourage him to do it again. Moreover, it will also relieve his stress and make is calmer day by day. Giving some treat indicates that he has done something right, and you’re pleased. You can scatter the food on the ground to hoover him.

Use the Soft Approach to Win Your Dog’s Heart

Remember, fear is one of the powerful emotions, and it’s not going to vanish overnight. Therefore, you have to be patient while treating your dog. Perhaps, you might gain some momentum in the first week or get backward too, but don’t worry your regular encouragement and the right approach will undoubtedly make your dog much courageous. It’s not about the control; it’s about understanding and taking care of your pet.

I hope this post would be helpful for you to understand how to make your dog friendly and confident when meeting with other dogs. Thanks for reading, have a great day 🙂

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