How to Make My Dog Watch TV

by: Two Dog Zoo

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how to make my dog watch tv

It doesn’t matter how stronger camaraderie you have with your dog, but when it comes to watching TV, he likely won’t give you company. I don’t need to tell you how a barking dog can ruin your favorite TV show? Don’t fret; some training and desensitization tips can help your dog to become a perfect companion. If you’re thinking about how to make my dog watch TV, this post will help you. So, let’s get started!

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How to Stop My Dog from Barking on the TV

Before talking about how you can make your dog watch TV with you, we have to understand when he reacts. For instance, if you’re cheering up when winning your favorite team, or there is any dog on the screen. You have to make a list of all situations; then, you can start desensitizing, counterconditioning, and training your partner.


In this process, you’re going to show him some stimulus scenes as per that list, but carefully. I mean, you can cover the screen with a light sheet which will make the color dim. Keep in mind, reduce the volume level and screen transparency adequately low that he shouldn’t trigger. It is the best way to lessening the reaction level of your dog. After some practice, hopefully, it will make him comfortable with those sounds and pictures.

You can increase the visibility of the screen, along with raising the volume to make him an avid watcher.

Counter Conditioning

It is the same process as positive reinforcement. You can give some tasty treats to your dog when he gets comfortable with the distraction level of TV that you have set earlier; it will provide a positive signal to him that he has done something right. Over time your dog will learn to stay calm in front of the TV with these rewards.


You can train your dog with the “stay” cue. Yes, “stay” no only works to make a dog freeze at some distance, but also, you can train your puppy to remain calm when distracted. In our case, the distraction is TV scenes that bother him, so we can measure our success if the dog doesn’t react to it. Now ask your dog to stay when, while exposing the distraction, if he doesn’t move and bark, praise him with a small treat. Repeat this process slowly and release your dog from the stay position; if he doesn’t react, then it’s a good sign. Otherwise, you have to work on your dog’s basic training. You can check out this video course by a professional trainer; it would help you to make your dog obedient.


If you want to make your dog watch TV with you, you have to find out when he triggers; Now, you have to make him comfortable with those conditions. Gradually, this process will desensitize him and will make him learn to stay calm in distraction. Thank you very much for reading, have a great day 🙂

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