How to Get My Dog to Stop Barking at Strangers and Guest

by: Two Dog Zoo

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how to get my dog to stop barking at strangers and guests

Wondering how to get my dog to stop barking at strangers and guests, this post is going to help you. Stopping a dog from barking isn’t easy if you don’t know why he is barking. There are mainly three reasons behind your dog’s urge to barking. If you find out which one is dominating him, then it could be easy for you. Whether your dog barks at guests and strangers due to territorial reasons, or lack, human civilization, or overexcitement, this post will help you to understand how to train your dog not to bark. So, let’s get started!

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Why do dogs bark

However, there might be several reasons that cause a dog to bark. Still, most of the time, there are mainly three main reasons behind dogs barking: excited barking, lack of socialization barking, or territorial barking. If you can find out which one causing the problem with your dog, it would be straightforward to train him not to bark.

1. Lack of Human Socialization

Dogs they didn’t get a change of proper human interaction, often bark at other humans as they aren’t familiar with how to act around them – the main reason behind it the dog doesn’t have trust in that new person. If we talk about the rescue dogs, it’s even quite common among them because they have less human interaction.

Sometimes, if a dog has a dolorous experience with his previous owner, it can disable his ability to trust any stranger. In this situation, the dog barks because their anxiety level arose quickly.

2. Territorial Barking

It’s quite common reason behinds a dog bark. If you dog bark when a stranger approaches your home, this the sign of territorial barking. This problem even gets worse if that person is behaving abnormally, like strolling or scared. Sometimes, if anyone just comes to the front door or just walks by, dogs find it a potential threat and get started to save his empire.

3. Excitement

It is another crucial reason when dogs bark at strangers; however, it’s mostly found in puppies. This situation only occurs when your dog doesn’t consider that person as a potential threat, but he gets frankly excited and bark to express his jubilance trough bark. It is undoubtedly a fantastic quality that your dog is a people lover. However, on the other hand, it might scare your visitors or guests because they don’t personally know your dog.

How to Train My Dog to Stop Barking at Guests

First, I want to tell you, even with all professional approaches or best practices, sometimes it’s quite hard to stop a dog from barking as it’s an inclination by nature. You have to be focused as I always say, and consistent training is the key to success. You have to be patient and use positive reinforcement methods to change your dog behavior.

1. Distraction Method

It is the simplest method to gain the dog’s attention during barking and make him calm. You can use a set of keys or any other way to produce a jingling sound, this will distract his mind, and now you can tell him to “stay.” If he gets calm, give him some sweet treats continuously until the stranger is gone. If he starts barking again, then shake the keys and repeat the process.

2. The Quiet Method

Whenever any stranger comes at your doors, such as a delivery man or electrician, let your dog bark for three for four times. Then go near him and say “quiet.” Now hold his muzzle and say again, “quiet.” Now step back, release your dog’s muzzle, then call him away from the door or windows by calling his name and “here.” If your dog obeys your command, give him some treats for a few minutes until that person is gone. If he starts barking again, then repeat the process, and don’t give him treat until he sits and remains calm.

3. Go to the “Spot” training

Before training your dog going to a “Spot,” he should know the basic commands such as “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Lie Down.” Training your dog to go to the spot is the best way to prevent excitement, which causes him to bark.

First, set a specific spot in your home, which must be at least eight feet away from the house door. Now, when someone approaches the home, tell your dog to “Go to your spot” and toss the treat where you want to send him. You have to repeat this process more than five times, so that dog will quickly understand this concept.

With this positive enforcement method, you can train your dog for the “Go to your spot” command. Ones your dog comprehends this rightly; now you have to practice this method from the different areas of the house. Every pet dog must listen to the basic commands such as “Sit,” “Stay,” “Lie Down,” if you have a hard time to train your dog, you can check out this video course series, it will help you to train your dog most directly.

4. Diverting the Attention in Public

If you go outside with your dog, and he gets over-excited when seeing someone, you have not to let him barking continuously. You can take him away from the spot, and when he calms down, you can give him treat. If your dog is barking for attention, you have to change this behavior, give him some tasty treat as he stops barking, it will let him know that he has done something right. As I said above, if your dog barks at strangers with excitement, you can take him away, so it will let him know that barking isn’t going to help to interact with the person. This frequent behavior will help him learning to meet any stranger calmly.

5. Desensitize Method

If your dog barks at guests or strangers due to lack of socialization when they visit your home, you can diminish this urge or excitement via the frequent visits of different people. You can invite as many people to your house at a different time, and ask them to be affectionate and provide treats. Gradually, your dog will learn to trust strangers as they are giving him treats and affection. If we talk about outdoor, you must take your dog at different places for walking, so he will understand strangers aren’t a threat.

6. Prevention Method

If you often leave your dog alone at the house, you have to take prevention measures so that your dog should engage with strangers. If you want to teach your dog how to stay calm when alone, it depends on where you leave your dog, inside or outside. If you keep your inside, make sure, close the curtains, and make dog blind, so he didn’t react when someone approaches your house, for example, a mailman, delivery man, or someone passing by on the street.

If you like to keep your dog outside, it’s crucial to install a tall fence, keep in mind, the material must be opaque to block the visibility.

How to Stop My Dog from Barking at Guests

You’re not alone, who are looking for “how to stop my dog from barking at strangers and guests.” Everyone wants to have a lovable and well-behaved dog, and there is a lot more into their lives than just training methods or prevent barking from strangers. In some cases, dogs bark due to boredom; therefore, you have to provide enough chew toys or fun stuff to deal with it. Moreover, if your dog isn’t getting enough exercise daily, you have to think about it and make him tired as it’s another reason behind the barking of some dogs. If you have tried all the above things and it isn’t working, your dog might be exhibiting aggressive behavior, and you should take professional’s help.

I hope this post has been helpful if you have any questions you can comment below. Thanks for reading, have a great day 🙂

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