How to Make My Dog More Aggressive Toward Strangers

by: Two Dog Zoo

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how to make my dog more aggressive toward strangers

Many readers have admired my previously written post on how to make my dog less aggressive, but surprisingly some of them want an article on the just opposite topic, which means they want to make their dog more aggressive. I got many emails with the following queries:

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  • how to make my dog aggressive towards strangers?
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How to Make My Dog More Aggressive

Oh, man, what do I say? I mean, puppies are one of the most lovable species in the universe, and they supposed to play, learn, and explore. They love to meet other dogs, and people, why do you want to make your puppy aggressive, even I think your dog is undoubtedly gifted, which is already filled with lots of affection. The above questions need a correction; you don’t need to make your dog more aggressive. Instead, you have to work on how to make your dog more obedient. You can check out this simple video training course, which will help you make your dog more obedient.

Wait, I am not saying that you can let your dog become friendly with strangers; it’s undoubtedly not a good idea for the dog’s safety. Here are some methods that you can help you to cope with this situation.

Don’t Let Other People Give Your Dog Treats

If you concern about the do safety, you have to train your dog two basic commands: “okay” and “leave it.” Whenever you think that your dog is going to accept a treat from strangers, you can use the “leave it” command. On the other hand, if you want to let him take treats from you or someone, you can use the “okay” command. It’s especially beneficial for some so-called “dangerous breed,” which has some negative reputation and likely to get poisoned from the bad people.

Train Your Dog for Stay Command

Whenever someone approaches your dog to interact, tell him to “stay.” Moreover, tell him the person as well, that the dog is under the training period, and you can’t meet him right now, maybe another time. Only allow meeting your dog when he obeys your “stay” and “sit” commands.

Tie Down Your Dog Sometimes

However, I don’t recommend your dog tying down when he is alone; it is indeed a disaster path for you. As dogs are easily stimulated by almost everything, and when you tie them, they get frustrated and start barking; this is what you want. But make sure, do this in control manner, if you leave your dog lonely and tied, I think it’s ferocious and abusive as well. Moreover, I have seen lots of dogs strangle themselves to death, which is truly heart-breaking.

Tying down your dog very useful sometimes, such as you go to the park with your family and friend and don’t trust him with off-leash, and want to make him contained in a specific area. Moreover, it will also help your dog from chasing any cats or indulge in an annoying fight.

How to Make My Dog Aggressive Towards Strangers

As I said in the starting, it’s not a good idea to make your dog very aggressive; it could be harmful to you as well. Therefore, you should focus on this training to obey your commands. Tying down your dog sometimes is the best way to enhance the aggression in any dog, but you shouldn’t do it outside, especially when you’re not home. It can worsen the situation, and your dog will start biting without any notification.

There are several disadvantages of tying down your dog lonely and outside. First of all, there would be many distractions that will tease your dog to off the leash; it could be anything: any person or a passing vehicle. If your dog is tied in a transparent fence, then it’s an authentic recipe to make a disaster. It can convert any social dog into a biting and barking machine within a few days.

I have made every dog social with the children that I owned. Most people think that dogs are the “guard” for their family, but I think a dog is one of the most adorable forms of nature, and you must consider him as a family member. I don’t think you like to make your son your daughter to aggressive when they meet a new person, would you?

Thanks for reading, have a great day 🙂

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