Why Does a Dog Eat Poop and How to Break This Habit?


Undoubtedly, dogs are one of the best companions. They fill our lives with happiness, protect us when needed, and spread positive vibes. Also, raising your pet dog can be very exciting. As they say ‘With great power comes great responsibility”. Similarly, with all the fun, cuddles, and joy, your pet dog brings responsibilities too, especially … Read more

A Brief History of the Mountain Cur Dog Breed

The Mountain Cur was declared a breed in 1957 with the organization of the Mountain Cur Club, later renamed the Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association (OMCBA).  Prior to that time, dogs of this type could only be found in very remote, rural areas and there were no organized breeding records.  The most common strains of … Read more

A Brief History of Dachshund Dog Breed

The Dachshund – sometimes called the “wiener dog” or “hot dog” – is among the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. and has been since the 1950s. The dachshund, as we know it today originated in Germany, where it is called Teckel. It is believed that the dachshund was developed slowly, over a hundred … Read more

Best Music to Play for Dogs Home Alone

best music to play for dogs home alone

Music is one of the most powerful forces which not only can affect human’s emotions but also can alter a dog’s mood. According to some studies playing music can reduce the stress of the dogs. If your dog reacts to every noise, or it makes him nervous, or he scares during the thunderstorms or fireworks, … Read more