How Do Dogs Communicate With Humans?


Ever notice how some dogs seem to be more talkative than others? Many factors contribute to this, but one of the most significant is an individual’s ability to understand and interpret the dog’s body language. In other words, communication between dogs and humans is often reliant on a dog understanding whether or not its owner … Read more

Why Does Dog Lick Everything?


If you’ve been alarmed by your dog’s obsessive licking, don’t worry. It turns out that dogs lick things as an exploratory behavior to learn what they are. This is how they explore their environment and figure out what they’re encountering. It often appears as though they are taking a bite out of things and either … Read more

Why Do Dogs Attack Other Dogs?


Sometimes dogs will attack other dogs because they want to smell them or establish dominance. There are a lot of theories about the why’s and what’s of it, but the point is that these attacks are not usually out of malice or ill-will – just plain nastiness. If a dog is afraid of another dog … Read more

Why Does Dog Urine Kill Grass?


“Dog urine kills grass” is a common saying, and it just might be true. The grass is largely considered a victim of dog urine because it is a pretty serious issue, especially if you love your lawn. Dog pee is so high in nitrogen that it kills grass when it accumulates in a limited amount … Read more