9 Valid Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

by: Two Dog Zoo

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A pet lover would never lump himself into the dispute of loving one group more and the other lesser, yet recognizing the ratio of pros and cons can serve you big time choosing a lovely companion.

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Let’s read some details of why dogs are better than cats when petting them.

1. No litter boxes

It is the most crucial point to consider when choosing your pet, and guess what? It can get sorted so easily as dogs don’t even bother letting you take care of their stinky litter boxes, unlike kitties. They do it all outdoors, mostly on walks or in the neighborhood’s backyard.

Choosing a dog over a kitty would let you spend some extra time with your pet instead of taking care of the litter, cleaning, and placing it all over again.

2. More adaptive and loving companion

Dogs are more likely to adopt the change and settle with you easily. Cats dislike changes because they are sensitive and easily fearful or anxious regardless of their owner. From changing your room to your apartment, dogs will always be there, accompanying you happily.

As I could go on, Kitties would love to stay in their specific corner playing with their toys and sleeping; compared to dogs; they want their owner to get involved, have fun, and spend time cuddling or rubbing their back. Dogs want to have fun.

You cannot control a kitty, she will jump where she wants to, and kitties will scratch where she desires to, but dogs love to be controlled. They want you to control them and lead them the way you want to; In dogs, more control means less destruction. Doggies can understand your behavioral changes and would be less messy if they have seen you sad or mad over it. 

Doggies can even help you in babysitting, and pups would love to play with your toddler in case you are out somewhere. They are very trustworthy and super babysitters of all time.

3. Dogs can be taught and trained easily

You can teach your fido much more easily than those cute little furballs. You can train dogs’ tricks, manners, behaviors, and commands, and they will be doing it exactly how you told them. Try to prepare a kitty, and she won’t even glance in your direction the next time you call her! IT will Lead to my second point, giving Training to the dogs. We can train doggies more easily and effectively in less time than kitties. They can be crate trained, and you will see them considering crates their territory. They would relax there most of the time. Right Training and a stern voice are all they need.

Try limiting cats in any specific cage or boundary, and you will notice them hiding in small spaces you can’t reach to avoid Training.

4. Dogs are your guard even when you are off-guard

It’s a saying that “Dog is the only creature on earth that will love you more than he loves himself, and we have seen a hundred times how Dog saves someone’s life by getting himself into trouble. Yes, they are real-life heroes and will stand by your side even when you expect them least. Their exceptional quality of having sixth sense can help you get the idea of upcoming trouble by their alerting sounds or behaviors.

Dogs are also known to have exceptional sniffing power; either it’s deadly cancer in your body, a criminal that crossed the path, or an earthquake, you will get notified way early before any lab tests or news.

Unlike cats, dogs will even keep you updated if any stranger even tries to cross your house boundary. They will even keep the burglars away by their roar. No offense, but It’s obvious that kitty laughter would do no good to house breakers.

5. Pup will help you in your social circle.

It’s scientifically proven that you will likely have more conversations and human interaction while strolling your Dog out on a walk. This can will surely help you in making new friends and gaining confidence. Kitties, on the other side, it’s almost impossible to take them out for a walk, or even it becomes possible you might get in trouble finding or running for them.

Unlike kitties, Dogs would even love to play with other dogs that will make your way to stroll your doggies with your friends.

6. More Tech-savvy

According to a study, dogs are trying to recognize and respond to written commands on iPad, including “sit, run, shake a hand, etc.

A countless number of companies are now offering the session to train your dogs in technology, and guess what! Fidos are responding to that marvelously. They are more than open to learning technology and loving it already. You would pick a technologically advanced pet over a lazy muffin that rests on your couch all day.

7. Healthy modification to your lifestyle

Dogs will keep you fit. They will more likely stick to a schedule you trained them on. They will be punctual and will keep you punctual. They will help you regulate your body metabolism by accompanying you on a walk regularly. Unlike kitties, they will keep you active by making you play with them. More chances are that they will make their cute innocent face to get you out of bed and play with them. Who doesn’t want to have such a companion in their life? No-one!

The good news is you have plenty of variety while choosing a breed of Dog to pet; they come in all shapes and sizes, from a small furry ball to a heightened German shepherd. The choice will be yours to make between a variety and a kitty.

According to independent research, people exposed to “dog-dust” will be at lower risk of developing allergies and asthma later on in life; that’s how they protect our health status too.

8. Dogs are saving the world

While cats are busy scratching our tissue rolls, dogs are helping any blind to cross the road or on farms as herders and drovers. Dogs have been serving police the military for thousands of years and comforting the sick for years.

According to research, they are even saving endangered species by sniffing the poop of killer whales and helping scientists.

9. Dogs will grow old with you

Dogs will be your lifelong loyal friends, and even if they grow old, they will add significant benefit to your lifestyle. They will keep you active, walk along with you, make you do stuff. Getting old is undoubtedly tough, and one needs a constant fixture; owning a dog as a pet will benefit you in this regard too, and you will thank me later!

Why choose?

Considering this the one part of the story, the other is still untold unheard, its never “ a dog is better, or a cat is, Petting them both have pros and cons. The best thing about them is they are both super friendly in making each other besties, so why choose? Just get both.


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