How Does Dog Euthanasia Work? – How to Get Prepared for the Process?

by: Two Dog Zoo

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We often get so worried when we see our dog vomiting, panicking, or in pain, and when it comes to something that cannot be treated, I can feel you! It’s a lot to handle, getting into the dilemma of either you should go for a thing called “euthanasia” or wait for a “miracle” to happen and see our furry friend playful lodging around us again.

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If the condition of your pup reached the point of non-curable condition, one way or another, he would be leaving you one day for life; you need to understand this, accept this, and instead of mourning or waiting for an invisible miracle to happen, you should find an easy gateway for your pup to avoid the pain he is going through. Our waiting for a “miracle” costs him a painful life, and it is better to reach a verdict before it is late. 

You now know that he will be leaving you. One day, as a concerned parent, you can make the whole process easier for them by choosing the option “euthanasia”. Getting to know the term, it’s from Greek origin where “EU” means GOOD and “Thanatos” means DEATH.   Yes, you read it right; it will be a “good and peaceful death”.    Now the question arises, CAN WE PUT OUR PET TO PAINLESS SLEEP? SO, the answer to this question is “Yes, by going for Euthanasia from a legally qualified and professionally competent Vet.  

Let’s read the in-depth process and the preparation for Euthanasia.



You can only get the best answers to your concerns, and queries will be from your vet. as they will

  • Clear out any ambiguity about the process, condition, time, and where to perform the process.
  • YOU might hold back because you are overwhelmed by the saddening situation, or you overthink that your might think that he is blamed for this condition of your pet.
  • Please don’t get into this situation; make it easier for you and your family, open up and ask questions about whatever comes to your mind to avoid any situation afterwards.
  • Ask about the drugs that will be involved in the euthanasia process and what are the requirements.
  • Ask about your vet’s past experiences and how the pets reacted when going through it all.


Just as they say, “Well Informed is well behaved“. Knowing all the details before the process will help you easily go through this difficult condition.

  • Make sure to take time for yourself to talk to family members about the importance of taking this step. Prepare yourself mentally that after Euthanasia, you will be coming back home alone without your loved pet, and that’s that. Take last photographs, selfies, or videos with your precious pup to have his memories. IT IS IMPORTANT TO PREPARE YOURSELF MENTALLY.
  • Fill out all the consent forms and billings before the process, where there will be an undertaking of your consent that you want Euthanasia for your pup.
  • Choose the way you want to dispose of your pup’s body after the euthanasia process. There will be two options. Either you can get them buried, or you can go for cementing. You also need to know the place of burial. If you go for that option, make sure it’s legal.
  • Your vet can also provide cementing services for you. Ask them if they do; if yes, it’s much better to avail of that service as it will become easier for you. Services will include the pickup of your dog from your home or vet, and they will give time for last goodbyes.
  • Carrying a towel and a comfy bed for your pet will help you relax your pet during the process. Your vet will also provide you with this but carrying your pet’s bed will make them feel better.


Even if you are well prepared and Informed, exceptions are always there. You should be informed of the exceptions of the results as well.

  • You can expect your children at your home to be sad about the euthanasia process. They can be sad about the absence of one member (your doggo) at home. You need to tell them in their fun way or make them watch videos so they can understand why and what is happening.
  • If you are a pet parent of more than one dog at home, your other dog might feel sad. Increase their fun or walk time so they can engage with you and not feel the absence of their partner.
  • You can expect your pet to be in pain or being vocal. It usually occurs right after they are being pricked with a needle to administer an Intra-Venous drug. It’s normal to observe their eyes wide open or pupils being dilated. It is just the effect of the drug administered.


Following are the steps to be followed in euthanizing your pet.

  • The main drug (pentobarbital) is used as a euthanizing drug that shuts down the brain in some seconds.
  • Its onset of action is 10-20 seconds after Intra-Venous administration.
  • The drug is administered in one of their legs (IV).
  • Sometimes Pre-anesthetic drug is also being administered to induce unconsciousness or for sleep.
  • This usually happens when your dog has a history of being afraid of the vet. They usually panic and don’t stay still for safe administration.
  • The drug effects in a way that depresses Central Nervous System in seconds. After CNS depression brain and eyes shut down on their own when they don’t get any impulses from the CNS.
  • They vocalize after the proper administration of the drug. If they scream, it generally means the administration has gone wrong, and they feel a burning sensation.



Yes, it can. Here are some conditions.

Whether the dog is moving a lot and the needle displaces from the area, out of the vein when pricked. Due to this, the drug gets released into outer space rather than a vein that can cause a sudden burning sensation in dogs.

It can also happen if your dog is dehydrated or suffering from arthritis. This can cause veins to be invisible, and more than one prick is needed.

Effects of going wrong can be observed; if they scream right after the administration, it’s because of the wrong administration. You can only observe your dog being slightly vocal if the drug is administered right in the veins.


No, Dogs are not scared of Euthanasia as they don’t know what it is. They are scared of the needle that will get pricked to administer the drug. After that, they will be unconscious and sleep in 20 to 40 seconds to the endless time.


If you chose the easy journey, you would be the best parent instead of letting them suffer to death. You can go for Euthanasia. 

Moreover, it is said that, after putting to sleep, they in wake up in another beautiful world called Rainbow Bridge. They will live there without any pain and suffering.



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