6 Best Outdoor Doormat For Dogs – Keep Your Home Clean

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As much as we love dogs, they can sometimes be dirty. For pet parents looking to reduce the dirt and damage inside their homes, you should get a quality outdoor doormat for your dog. These are durable doormats that will help clean off your dog before entering the house with dirt from outside.

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best outdoor doormat for dogs

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The ideal outdoor doormat is extra-sturdy for placing outside your home. It should also be comfortable and not harsh on your dog’s paw for them to consistently use it. The doormat should be absorbent to curb mud and prevent water from being dragged in quickly.

You can’t stop your puppy from having fun in the mud or spending time playing in the dirt. You can get a quality outdoor doormat to reduce the dirt the dogs bring into the house. In this guide, we will discuss the best outdoor doormat that is ideal for your dog.

Best Outdoor Doormat for Dogs in 2022

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Doormats for Dogs

When choosing the best outdoor doormat for your dog, there is a lot you need to consider. It can seem simple with many options available, but it can be overwhelming getting the right one for you. The doormat needs to be durable while still being comfortable enough for your dog to use. Here are other considerations you can make before buying the right outdoor doormat for you.


There are different materials you can choose when getting an outdoor doormat. Some of the most common materials are rubber and microfibre because of their high absorbing and durable properties. Rubber materials are popular because they are ideal for long term use and more durable for dogs to use.

You will not have to worry about your dog slipping on a rubber doormat any time soon. It can be difficult throwing a rubber doormat into the washing machine, but you can always use a vacuum to clean it. Microfibre doormats are also great for dogs to use because of the PVC rubber that prevents slipping.

These doormats are very absorbent to be able to trap most of the dirt and grass your dog could drag into the house. Easily clean this outdoor mat in the washing machine to have it as clean as new.


A durable outdoor doormat for your dog should last at least a year or more. Your dog can be curious and chew the mat or ignore it altogether. With proper training, your dog can be able to use the mat for its intended purpose and not drag in any dirt to your home.

The endurance of the doormat depends on the material and stitching it has. For outdoor doormats, they need to be thick and firm enough to withstand different types of seasons like winter. Make sure to pick a rug with sturdy materials that will function even when it is scorching hot outside.

A long-lasting doormat for your dog will be easy to clean and works well when it comes to keeping the dirt outside. Using the right cleaning methods can go a long way in ensuring you have the doormat for years.

Shape and Style

This consideration mostly depends on you and your dog’s preferences regarding the outdoor doormat’s design and look. Most doormats are rectangular to fit at the entrance of your home correctly. It should not be too wide or too narrow either.

Outdoor mats also come in other shapes like a half-moon, triangle, and circular designs. You can choose different patterns when getting an outdoor doormat, with some having colors and patterns that will attract pests and make your home more inviting to guests.

Absorption Power

There is no point in getting an outdoor mat that can not trap or absorb dirt to prevent it from spreading everywhere in your home. Absorption power is essential when choosing an outdoor doormat because we all know how dirty a dog’s paw can get after-hours playing outside.

Good quality doormats have an absorption rate of at least 1500 GSM. Higher absorption rates offer more sucking ability for your outdoor mat. For pet parents who do not want to continually clean the rug, you can choose a highly absorbent one to ensure minimal leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for door doormats?

Different manufacturers will use other materials to make quality doormats that are safe for your dog. Some of these materials include rubber, polyester, plastic, and cotton. When it comes to durability and water resistance, rubber doormats are the best choice to buy. They also provide the needed traction your dog needs to get the dirt off his paws and offer a solid grip.

How do I choose a doormat?

There is a lot to consider when looking for the best doormat for your furry friend. Aside from the cost, you need to ensure the material is durable, the surface is safe for your dog, and how the mat will hold up during different seasons outdoors. The best outdoor rugs have scraper surfaces that ensure you get all the dirt out before entering the house.

What size should your doormat be?

The size of your doormat should not be too big or too small than the size of your front door. For aesthetic purposes, getting a quality mat that covers most of the space in front of your home will make it easier for guests and dogs coming in. The rug should provide enough space for the dog to get the dirt off before running into the house.

How often should you replace a doormat?

You can change out your doormat at least after every year of use, depending on the current state and look. The more durable mats can last up to five years if handled and cleaned correctly. You should check the mat’s quality after every 12 months, especially if there is a lot of foot traffic. Depending on your personal preferences and the mat’s quality, you can decide to replace it anytime.

Can you machine wash your doormat?

Yes, you can. Most outdoor doormats need regular cleaning to get the dirt and stains out completely. You can use a broom to get the grass and dirt stuck between the mat’s fibers for daily cleaning. If you have a cotton or synthetic fiber doormat and small in size, you can throw it into the washing machine. Wash them in a gentle cycle with cold water to get them completely clean.


Best doormat for dogs paw at a glance



  • Available Sizes: 5
  • Colors: 28
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  • Available Sizes: 2
  • Colors: 6
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  • Available Sizes: 1
  • Colors: 3
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  • Available Sizes: 3
  • Colors: 1
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  • Available Sizes: 4
  • Colors: 13
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  • Available Sizes: 1
  • Colors: 11
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Best Outdoor Doormat For Dogs Paws– Our Recommendations

1. Gorilla Grip (Best Heavy Duty Door Mat for Dogs Paw)

Available Sizes: 5 | Colors: 28

With the premium Gorilla grip Original outdoor mat, you can keep your home and dog’s paws clean after a day of outdoor fun. This doormat is 100% natural rubber to be durable and last years of consistent use. This doormat’s high-quality rubber makes it soft and flexible for your dog to feel comfortable using to get the dirt off their paws.

You can place this doormat inside or outdoors because of the stylish and bright colors. The pattern smoothly goes well with most themes and decor. It is mud resistant because of the rubber borders design to ensure all the dirt gets trapped there. With the polypropylene fabric of this rubber mat, it will dry fast to keep your floors clean and dirt free. Easily clean this mat using a vacuum whether your dog pees on it or leaves piles of mud.

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  • Mud resistant rug
  • Highly absorbent mat
  • The rubber material is durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Low profile design


  • It doesn’t lay flat immediately
  • Can ruin specific floors

2. DII (Best Non-slip Door Mat for Dogs Dirty Paw)

Available Sizes: 2 | Colors: 6

If you require a quality coir fiber doormat for your dog, the DII Wipe your paws mat is an excellent option. This outdoor mat’s healthy natural fiber is suitable for scraping dirt and absorbing water carried in by your dog. It easily captures dirt and debris to prevent your dog from spreading it all around the house.

It has a low profile design but still thick enough to prevent tripping at the entrance. The non-slip PVC also prevents slipping to keep the doormat in place. With a large variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can have fun choosing the best design for you. It can also withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures.

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  • Thick and durable
  • Low profile design to avoid tripping
  • Various styles and colors
  • Natural fiber quickly absorbs dirt


  • Costly compared to other dog doormats

3. LIfeWit (Most Absorbent Door Mat for Dogs in 2022)

Available Sizes: 1 | Colors: 3

This microfiber doormat is suitable for dogs to keep dirt off their paws and your clean floors. The LifeWit Doormat is super absorbent and features a non-slip backing to prevent skidding and shifting when your dog is on it. It works well for entryways and outdoors. All you have to do is place the mat on a clean and dry surface because water will weaken the anti-skid effect.

It quickly absorbs water and dirt if your dog scrapes back and forth. The design easily blends with the location you decide on so that you can quickly open and close the door without having to move it. You won’t have a hard time cleaning it because it is machine washable with cold water. After washing, air-dry the mat to be ready for use again.

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  • Machine washable doormat
  • TPR backing to prevent slipping
  • Highly water and dirt absorbent
  • Great quality and durable
  • Versatile for different locations


  • It does not eliminate wet paws

4. Darkyazi (Best Coir Doormat for Dogs)

Available Sizes: 3 | Colors: 1

With this oversized Darkyazi doormat in your home, you no longer have to worry about wet paws or mud prints all over the house. The coir door rug is eco-friendly because of the sustainable and natural materials. This natural coir mat absorbs dirt using the strong microfiber that strips mud and grass from your dog’s paws. It has a PVC mat below that you will be unable to see because of the thick pile.

This coir mat is versatile for playing indoors in the living room, bathroom, and entranceways. You don’t need to switch it out during winter or summer because it is ideal for all seasons. The sustainable material is also natural and free of harmful chemicals. The design also prevents it from getting stuck under your doors.

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  • This natural doormat is free of chemicals
  • Oversized for better accommodation
  • Attractive print and patterns
  • Quickly traps dirt and mud
  • Safe for all-weather use


  • Shedding of the doormat

5. Dog Gone Smart (Best Microfiber Doormat for Dogs with Super Grip)

Available Sizes: 4 | Colors: 13

The Original Dirty Dog Doormat consists of three materials, microfiber, polyethylene, and terephthalate, to better absorb mud and dirt from your dog. With the highest absorption rate of 3000 GSM, you will not have to keep cleaning after your dog every day. The heavy gripper non-skid backing on this mat keeps it in place while your dog cleans its paws. This feature better prevents slipping accidents.

The double basting and stitching ensure this doormat’s durability, whether used outdoors or inside the house. The rugged durability will ensure you have this mat for years to come. This microfiber mat will dry five times faster than your regular outdoor doormat for your dog. It is also machine washable for quick and efficient cleaning.

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  • A high absorption rate of 3000GSM
  • Machine washable
  • Heavy grip and non-skid backing
  • Durable microfiber materials
  • Large size for different dog breeds


  • The non-skid backing wears out

6. Avera (Best Anti-Slip Doormat for Dogs with Natural Fiber)

Available Sizes: 1 | Colors: 11

This Avera Doormat for dogs is perfect for high traffic areas because the natural coconut coir material is sustainable and durable for home use. It quickly works to absorb dirt and moisture to keep the rest of your home clean. The anti-slip PVC backing ensures the mat stays in place on the floor and prevents you or the dog from sliding.

This doormat is perfect for use outside your home, like in the entryways, mudroom, or porch. It is versatile enough to withstand harsh weather during the winter and summer seasons. You will love the unique designs and long-lasting style of this doormat, and so will your dog.

View at Amazon


  • Versatile to use indoors and outdoors
  • The Anti-slip PVC back prevents slipping and accidents
  • All-natural without any chemicals
  • Sustainable and long-lasting


  • Natural fiber can discolor when wet
  • Fade due to prolonged contact with the sun

Top Rated Outdoor Doormat for Dogs in 2022

All the doormats above are high quality with good absorption power to say goodbye to dirt in your home. You need to consider the material of the door rug you choose and whether the construction is durable, and its absorption rate. The best outdoor doormat for dogs is soft and comfortable for them to use without hurting their paws. Get a quality doormat for your front door, and you will not have to worry about mud paw prints in your home again.

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