8 Best Gate Latch for Dogs to Keep Them in the Yard

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It’s quite common to hear the missing dog news; according to the American Humane Association estimates that 1 out of 3 pets become lost at some point in their lifetime. The worst part is, 80% of them never found.

best gate latches for dogs

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It’s not always the owner’s fault; the gate might have left open by a service person or just because of the wind. Altogether, the most common reason is, the gate was open. Before you take your dogs out, please make sure they are wearing their ID. If you properly check the gate, this little moment can save you precious time. In case if your dog goes missing, it’s could be stressful and disappointing as well.

However, several things play a role in keeping your yard secure, but one of them is a gate latch, that is essential. This post will discuss the best gate latch for dogs so your mischievous buddy can’t escape. Moreover, we will also talk about other security measures that you should take to keep your dog in the yard. So, let’s get started!

Best Gate Latch for Dogs in 2022

Some dogs decide to escape as they get lonely; therefore, they might need company to deal with their boredom. Some dogs might run away while chasing a squirrel or rabbit that runs through the yard. Different dogs use different tactics; therefore, along with a superior gate latch, we have to think about other aspects to secure our yard; some of them are:

For jumpers: Some dogs are jumper, and to keep them in the yard, you have to extend your fence and remove any climbing aids such as bench, garbage cans, chairs, or woodpiles. If you have a bigger dog, you might also want to install a coyote roller; it will prevent your dog from climbing.

For diggers: Just like The Shawshank Redemption, some dog plans and take this tactic to the next level; they dig tirelessly to get their freedom. To curb them, you can attach an L-footer along the bottom of the fence. You can also pour a concrete footer to make it more secure.

For chewers: Chewers make a hole just big enough to slip them through the fence. You have to install a fence with a durable wire for these types of dogs and eliminate any loopholes.

For deep thinkers: These are masterminds, and they figure out how to open a gate, and whenever they get a chance, they take advantage of it. For these dogs, you have to install a secure latch; this is what we will talk about in this post.

So, which type of latch is the best for a dog gate?

Firstly, it depends on which types of gate you have – material type (such as wood, metal, and vinyl) and post shape, but don’t worry; we have listed all types of reliable gate latches. Here are some points that can help you when choosing the best gate latch for your dog yard.

  • You might need a latch that is operable with one hand because we assume your other hand will be busy controlling the dog.
  • The latch should be push-proof because it’s the most common behavior when a dog wants to escape. It important because large dogs can apply much force.
  • It would be best if the gate latch supports inward and outward gate opening. It’s helpful when dealing with an aggressive dog or workaround cleaning equipment.
  • Some latches come with padlock support that enhances security; you can also consider this feature in case you need it.

Now, let’s take a quick look at our recommendations.


Best gate latches for dogs at a glance



  • Compatibility: square posts
  • Installation: easy
  • Features: self locking, and padlock holes



  • Compatibility: square posts
  • Installation: hard
  • Features: automatic locking, inbuilt lock, and push-to open



  • Compatibility: square posts
  • Installation: easy
  • Features: self Locking, pull-to-open, and inbuilt lock with visible indicator



  • Compatibility: square posts
  • Installation: easy
  • Features: padlock holes


  • Compatibility: square posts
  • Installation: easy
  • Features: self locking, and padlock holes



  • Compatibility: round posts
  • Installation: easy
  • Features: self locking, pull-to-open, and inbuilt lock with visible indicator



  • Compatibility: round posts
  • Installation: easy
  • Features: padlock holes


  • Compatibility: round Posts
  • Installation: Hard
  • Features: padlock holes

Best Gate Latches for Dogs in 2022 - Reviews

1. KDUP (Best Self-Locking Gate Latch for Dogs in Budget)

This gate latch uses an automatic gravity locking mechanism and provides true safety for dogs. Moreover, there is an option to attach your regular padlock if you want.

The best thing about this latch, it’s easy to install and comes at a reasonable price. Moreover, it’s operable with just one hand; therefore, it’s beneficial when your one hand is busy.

KDUP gate latch is compatible with wood, vinyl, metal gate, etc. You can also consider this similar National Hardware gate latch.

  • Durable and easy to use
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal for wood, metal, or vinyl gates
  • Good price
  • Compatible with padlocks
  • No inbuilt locking

2. National Hardware (Premium Quality Gate Latch for Dogs that Try to Escape)

National Hardware gate latch comes with a locking mechanism, which provides hassle-free usage; you don’t need to put external padlocks. 

This hardware piece is ideal for metal, wood, and vinyl gates. However, its installation might be a bit difficult if you’re not a DIY person.

In terms of build quality, this gate latch is quite good, and it won’t cause rust, binding, or staining.  Moreover, it can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for added security.

The price is slightly higher, but this lockable gate latch will provide you peace of mind.

  • Very durable
  • Inbuilt locking mechanism
  • Operable with one hand
  • Can be used on left or right-handed gates
  • Push-lock button to open
  • Ideal for metal, wood, or vinyl gates
  • Costlier
  • A bit tricky to install

3. D&D Technologies MagnaLatch (Most Secure Gate Latch for Dogs Fence or Yard)

This gate latch uses the vertical pull-to-open mechanism, which isn’t easy to guess for mastermind escape artists. On top of that, it’s coming with a locking function, which makes it more secure.

The best thing, as compared to the previous lock, its installation is quite simple. Moreover, it’s vertically and horizontally adjustable, which can make your work easier.

Magna Latch comes with a visible indicator to shows when the latch is locked. You can use this latch for wood, metal, or vinyl gate.

If you have a gate with round posts, you can scroll down for its second option.

  • Highly secure mechanism
  • Inbuilt lock with a visible indicator
  • Easy to install
  • A bit costly

4. HILLMASTER (Best Value Gate Latch for Dogs Yard)

If you’re looking for a basic latch for your yard, you can consider Hillmaster; it’s one of the best value products. Mind you; it doesn’t support automatic locking; however, you can put your regular padlock to enhance security.

This latch kit comes with all required hardware and very easy to install. As compared to the other gate latches, it’s not much reliable, but that’s ok for this low price.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Padlock holes are given
  • Ideal for all squire post gates
  • Meager price
  • Not so reliable
  • Manual locking

5. Henson (Another Alternative Gate Latch for Dogs Fence)

The Henson gate latch is similar to our first recommendations; therefore, it also supports automatic locking, convenient. This hardware piece is straightforward to install.

This kit comes with self-tapping screws and can be used on wood, metal, or vinyl gates with square posts. According to some users, this gate latch isn’t much reliable; that’s why we have put this below. However, you’re getting padlock holes for more security.

  • Durable and easy to install
  • Reasonable price
  • Automatic locking
  • Might fail sometimes

6. D&D Technologies MagnaLatch (Best Round Post Gate Latch for Dogs Fence)

If you have a round post gate, then D&D Technologies MagnaLatch might be a solid option for you. We have discussed another great latch from this brand above, but that was for square posts. Its functionality is also similar, but it’s a bit expensive.

If you’re looking for an affordable option for a round post gate, you can consider our next option.

  • The most secure gate latch
  • Easy to install
  • Lock indicator
  • Slightly costly

7. Jake Sales (Cheap Gate Latch for Dogs Gate with Round Post)

It’s the basic and cheap latch you might have seen on most gates, which has round posts. The only problem with these metal parts is that it’s not very reliable, especially if your gate is older and ill-fitting.

But this gate latch comes with a padlocking hole to make it more secure. If you’re looking for a basic lock for your round post gate, it might be a good option, and it’s operable with one hand as well.

  • Very easy to install
  • Supports padlock
  • Cheaper option
  • Not very reliable

8. Co-Line (Another Alternative Gate Latch for Round Post Gate)

This gate latch is a much better option than the previous recommendation, but it’s a bit costly. You can use this gate latch with one hand, and it’s also compatible with padlocks.

The only drawback with this round post gate latch, it’s a bit tricky to install. Considering the price, it’s also a viable option to keep your dog in the yard.

  • Good price
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Not easy to install

Best Secure Gate Latches for Dogs Fence or Yard in 2022

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